Why a Younger Woman should Date an Older Man?

Written from a male perspective.

If you are interested in joining the dating game as a younger woman looking for older men, then you are heading on the right path.  Older men are more mature, have more success in life, are usually further in their careers, and are overall a better companion to be with versus a younger man.  In this article you will learn why a younger woman should date an older man.

Here are five reasons why you should date an older man:

1. Maturity level – Ladies let's be serious here; younger men are just not mature.  For example, having a burping contest with your lover is not what most ladies' would consider a good time.  An older man has much more mature aspects over a younger man.  This is why when you see a young woman dating an older man, chances are she finds him a more suitable match due to his confidence in who he is and knowledge of life.

2. More successful in life – Most older men who date younger women are a bit more successful in life.  By this I mean they have goals, some own homes, have nice cars, etc.  I am not saying that this is what is important in choosing someone to date, but it shows you their overall character as a person and as someone you want to date.

3. Further in their careers - Older men are further along in their careers.  Again this is not the end all be all if they are not.   You just might have a great lover which would make up for an unimpressive income.

4. Better companion –Older men are better companions in life.  Why?  This goes back to 1, 2, and 3.  They are more mature, more successful, and further in their careers.  These things show you the character of that person and their overall companion level will be with you.

These are just the beginning stages when you ask yourself or someone else, why a younger woman should date an older man?  Again, this is just the beginning and should not be the end of the road for some daters.  If the man you are with is younger, but treats you good, that is better than being with an older man who does not treat you good.  These are decisions only you can make for yourself and only you will learn in time. 

Nobody can tell you what you need to do or who to be with in life.  You make that call.  Use this article as a guide of what to watch out for, but do not pass on something that is better.

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