Seductively Dressed Beautiful Women Lie Just as Much as Any Other

Hard to believe until it happens to you.  An angel, seductively dressed to lure you to a photo and act as if she is interested in you, an older man.  She lies to gain money, fame and power then boasts to friends, "Look, what I got him to buy me!"  If she is a professional, it's hard to tell, her photo tells no one that she is intelligent, people-oriented and ready to do business.  Rather, she sells sex.  She claims that she has morals when people question who is she really after seeing her photographs.  Her appearance shouts, "I am ready for the taking."  While she claims she is a Christian, wholesome, fun to be around, honest, etc.  But her lifestyle says something totally different.  Watch out for the beautiful liars!

They are hypocrites, the all show no go, types.  Now one must not assume that all scantily dressed women are up to no good, but something is up.  No one bares anything covered or uncovered on or offline for nothing. 

The scorned, beautiful women will orchestrate a plan to rob a millionaire of his wealth.  They can put on an act, say that you said or did something that you know you didn't.  You might want to record some conversations, make a copy of a dating profile, pen dates of incidents, and consult with your legal team, just in case you detect a little crazy in that gorgeous dame you met online.

Many in our society are gullible, easily charmed by beauty.  They think, "How can someone so beautiful, be so treacherous?"  Even with an image of Satan standing right next to the beauty queen, many men will find a way to get close enough to her to undress her despite all the warning signs, "Stay away."

Save yourself some grief, any woman whether nice-looking or not, who gives off signs that she just wants a fun time, be aware.  Spend some time studying more than just her body parts.

Read Proverbs 5

Nicholl McGuire 

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