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Seeking an Older, Wiser, Richer Guy -- Good Luck with That!

You might get a guy who is wiser than the last boyfriend, but not richer.  You might get richer, but not wise.  You might get okay, but not sexy.  Or, you might get nothing, but another headache.  So what to do?  Accept the poor man for who he is!

You see we live in this world where we think that we can have it all.  Sure, you might feel like you won everything you ever wanted in a date, but sooner or later something in your life is going to give you a headache--whether it is that hot guy, his mother, his children, his job or all of the above.  Then what?  You trade the old man in for a new model, huh?  If that is your intention, then you learned from the best, old players out there, and I'm not judging.  That's what many of the middle-age guys having a mid-life crisis did with their wives, girlfriends, lovers, and others.  But you don't have to be that selfish dame or gold-digger.  Rather, you can drive that old guy to his grave a happy man simply by being the best you possibly can inside and out! 

You aren't perfect, Sweetheart and neither is he.  You aren't always going to look so beautiful and that's okay.  As long as you have that love-sick chap wrapped around your finger, then who cares, right?  His sister might stir up some hate (hell look at her), his mother will caution (her marriage ain't so great), and his friends (male and female) will show a bit of envy and in the end, you will win whether he leaves you or you leave still got a lot of years ahead of you (that is if your maker doesn't call you home sooner).  So enjoy your time with that man you might call your "Sugar daddy," he just might be your meant to be or that wise teacher that will direct you to where you need be.  But if not, life goes on, now doesn't it?  You can make it whether with him or not.

Nicholl McGuire
Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate


The Dark Side of Online Dating

Online Dating Safety Guide For Women
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Young Woman: Is He Really the Man of Your Dreams?

Couple, Silhouette, Love, Relationship
He is handsome, special, sweet, mature, kind and unique.
But when all the niceties slowly begin to fade away, what do you think you are able to put up with?

Consider the following list:

Talk too much.
Talk too little.
Lies about money.
Doesn't have much.
Isn't divorced.
Too many exes.
Doesn't want children.
Wants children.
Works too much.
Works too little.
Loves sports.
Loves his car.
Laughs loud.
Doesn't laugh enough.
Not generous.
Insincere faith.
Lives in a bubble.
Expects you to work much.
Expects you to work little.
Health issues.
Older children.
Substance addictions.
Sex addictions.

What you think you might be getting in an older man, may not be what you had in mind.
Once again, can you tolerate the truth?  Do you think you are able to go the distance with him?


Older Men, Relationships, and Not Settling

If there is anything that I have learned from dating older men over the years, especially during my twenties, is that most of the time the connections are temporal.  They aren't forever and always love affairs. 

The men I met had issues.  There was the wife, the children, ex-girlfriends, friends with benefits, a criminal past, and more.  Several were controlling types and others were cool, too cool and really didn't care too much about anyone or anything.  I must admit those that I did end up settling with all had the following common traits: straightforward (didn't beat around the bush about what they wanted), had jobs, dressed well, and enjoyed being entertained by me.  Look I wasn't looking for much and that's what they appreciated about me.  They didn't have to buy me either--a couple really couldn't afford to spend much, so I didn't expect much.

When the blogs were invented, they were god-sent, because all the information I kept secret, hurt about, wish I could have, should have, I could air out my grievances, the ups, downs, and advice I wished I had at the time when I was dating much.

Older men can make good friends, but what they can't do is be fathers to young women.  I must admit that there was something within that I deeply desired from my own dad and sometimes the attention, affection, and spoiling they provided made me feel special.  Every little girl has a time in her life that she wants her daddy to just love her for her!  Daddies who don't do their part, unfortunately leave little girls out there--ripe for the picking.  Some guy, whether older or younger, is going to pick from the tree.  He might find a rotten piece of fruit on it too!

A while back, I wrote a non-fiction guide entitled, She's Crazy. It is a book that provides much information about letting go of crazy women.  I really hope you take a moment to read and purchase this work.  Feel free to share it with a buddy who is going through much.

Dating older guys is not as popular as it seems, there are many young women that avoid mature men.  There are pros and cons to dating any man (irregardless of age), and some people have little tolerance for anyone who behaves in ways that go against their personal boundaries too. 

Don't give up your moral compass for anyone or anything, stand your ground whenever you can and be certain that whatever they suggest you really want to do it.  You can save a lot of time, energy, and preserve your youth if you don't settle for the guy or girl who is only 50% your type. 

Shoot for that quality connection, they are out there!

Nicholl McGuire author of She's Crazy and other books.


6 Dating Tips to Keep Things Fun, Easy-going this Season

With the weather warmer, more and more singles will be out and about checking out one another.  You don't want to miss out on the action if you're ready to connect with someone new, so do make time to get out and about!  But before you do, consider the following so that you are not wasting your time this mating season.

1.  Don't assume the first person who shows you some interest (and who happens to be younger or older) is meant to be.  Long term commitment is the last thing you should be thinking of when you barely know someone.

2.  Find some common interests before you make arrangements to meet or spend your hard-earned money on someone.  People might look like your ideal, but it doesn't mean that mentally you will mesh with them.

3.  Never expect someone will give you anything just because you gave the individual something first.

4.  Stop talking about exes!  They are your former partners for good reason!

5.  Just because your older or younger means nothing, so don't dwell on age!  There are mature and immature people in all age groups.  However, keep in mind the wider the age gap, the more differences you will encounter sooner or later.

6.  Lastly, appreciate your time with someone and most of all be respectful even if they aren't big on respect, because you never know how he or she might benefit you later.  It is a small world you know!

Check out our sponsors ads and start having some fun tonight!

Nicholl McGuire


Your Older Date's Relationship with Mom

Whether he is very close, somewhat close or not at all due to conflict, death or something else, you just might learn much about how he might treat you.  Not every man, who appears to have a great relationship with mom, will be nice and respectful to their dates too. 

Some men feel obligated to be obedient to mom because they fear or worry about her.  There are many people who have no idea or concept that they are being manipulated by their mothers.  Nor do they comprehend how their relationship (or lack thereof) with mom is connected with how they generally treat women.

Watch for these signs and more that a man is not very kind or respectful toward women:

1.  He feels he is smarter and/or more responsible than women.
2.  He speaks harshly about them.
3.  He makes offensive jokes about the opposite sex.
4.  He claims to have a close relationship with his mom, yet he badmouths her.
5.  He doesn't act like he cares for his mother much even when she is having a tough time.
6.  He talks positively about men and tends to bond well with them, but women he is mean and disrespectful.
7.  You feel like you are walking on eggshells with him.

When you notice these signs, you have a choice to confront the man about his behavior, keep your distance, or drop him altogether.  Men who are mean-spirited when it comes to women are not good guys to be around.  A mother's impact is quite powerful: good, bad or otherwise.  Don't underestimate it.  If a man should say, "I really can't stand my mother...I hate what she did to me...I wish she was never my mother...I can't forgive her for...She really gets on my nerves," you have every right to be wary of him.  Check out "Tell Me Mother You're Sorry" by Nicholl McGuire

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Your Date Told You Some Things About His/Her Past - Are You Listening?

Your date will tell you about his or her past growing up like there was abuse, trauma, violence or emotional abuse between parents, and more. 

What is the likelihood that he or she will one day blow up on you?


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