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The Blog Owner reading out of her book, "She's Crazy" by Nicholl McGuire.  This nonfiction guide is for men in abusive relationships where the women are the batterers. She's Crazy Book Excerpt


Young Woman Watch for the Seemingly Rich, Older Man with Many Hang-ups

The major issue above all for the aging male is his personal failures. Those things that he doesn't want to come right out and say but from the looks of things we can see he is making up for something by the way he spends, shares, invests, and talks about his money, family, employment, and other issues. I noticed this after years of watching mature kinfolk act in unreasonable and illogical ways when it came to dealing with personal challenges. They would allude to goals that were never reached like increasing finances and owning homes, accomplishments that were never rewarded by employers, regrets regarding ruining family connections, the regrets of not taking opportunities when given a chance and more. Their need to make them feel good about what they should have, could have done propelled some of the once brightest and honest minds into murky waters.

There is an insatiable desire in some seemingly kind men to want bigger and better. Mr. Charmer sometimes looks to obtain whatever is suitable for him without regard to loved ones' feelings. He is open to making drastic career changes, divorce, abandon children, and more "to make some things happen." A man, spoiled with riches, yet doesn't feel he has enough money, material assets, and other things might feel more tempted to take major financial risks, steal from his employer(s) or hoard his money than a man that is use to living paycheck to paycheck. 

The greedy man feels he must present himself to the world as being more successful than fellowmen, a great catch for the ladies, an influential business mogul, etc. He will creatively change his external world to reflect his vision as best he can even if he participates in dishonest practices to finance his illusions and even at the cost of possibly his freedom and family. It is at that middle point in the mature male's life (40 plus) that this charmer has achieved more than a promotion, degree, and a sports car, but he has become a master deceiver. Men like this have decades experience fooling people. They continue to manipulate the unsuspecting about things related to their personal and professional lives and they are quite believable.

Some of these white-collar charmers begged, borrowed and stole to make themselves appear like they are knowledgeable, good, mature, dependable, honest, and other faux character traits to depict them. These men enjoy being admired more than they do working. Self-absorbed men feed off of anyone who shows them any attention as mentioned in earlier chapters. So they will partner with those who love riches like they do, and who are wiling to go above and beyond the call of duty for them. Sometimes those closest to these manipulators know what is happening when they are being mistreated and other times they are unaware, because slick people like this can sting you in such a way that you don't know you are being stung until it is too late.

Excerpt from Socially Sweet, Privately Cruel Abusive Men by Nicholl McGuire


Emotional Abuse

Name-calling, constant swearing at you, silent treatment, threats, and more, it happens even to the best of them.  Emotional abuse.


Dating Tips - New Romance, Trouble Brewing - Don't Dismiss the Signs

A mature man will never let on that he is crazy, nope, no way, no how!  He wants you to see him as that guy who is going to sweep you off your feet and meet your needs.  The same is true for the young woman.  You don't expect her to be a bit out of her mind either. 

When I recorded Whirlwind Romance, I thought of the thousands of men and women that start off dating never bothering to ask the uncomfortable questions and often dismissing what is obvious, "Something just ain't right."

Listen up on Your Listen.  Also, do check out my books: She's Crazy for men who find themselves in abusive relationships with women and Socially Sweet, Privately Cruel Abusive Men for women who are often getting mixed up with mean-spirited men who of course never start off that way.  You are showing your support for this blog and others with every purchase--much appreciate!

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Having Fun will Cost You - When the Older Man Gives Into the Chase

How much money do you have to spend on a young lady?  How much time do you have to persuade the young woman to look beyond your wallet and aging appearance and truly see you for who you  are?  Is dating younger women really worth it?  Not every man can do it and not every young woman wants an older man either.  Be wise, look beyond the fun. -- Nicholl McGuire


He's Old, Your Young and Everyone Wants to Know Why?

The topic of why young women date older men has been well-covered online.  The reasons why a young lady, like yourself, dates older men according to many researchers, writers, and singles range from his maturity to security, but why do you want that One?  Why do you bother to share conversation with him, open your heart and other things to him.  What is it about the older man that makes you want to commit to the gentleman and only him when there are so many other men you could date?

When you take a moment to truly reflect on why you do the things you do, you might be surprised.  Sometimes breaking down our thought processes will show us things about ourselves we never realized.  Maybe there are desires you have that you hope your mature significant might help you achieve.  Could he represent someone or something you have been missing?

Mature men have their reasons too as to why they seek after younger women.  If they too sit back and think as to why they do what they do, what might they learn about themselves?  A young woman is definitely not going to soothe those deep emotions within where worries, fears, and pain reside.  She is like a Band-Aid.  The real healing for the soul comes from a relationship with one's Maker who is responsible for mind, body and spirit.

One day both young and old will die and what will those they leave behind say about them, their relationships, children, and more?  Was it a genuine connection?  Did they really want to be together for love?   

Make the most of your life, choose wisely and seek happiness within.  A partner should simply be icing on the cake for you when everything else in your life is all peaches in cream! (Excuse the food references, can't you tell I haven't had lunch--lol.) 

The public questions these men dating younger women relationships and others because many are usually built on selfish interests and not long-lasting love.  Don't hate on your critics just be honest with yourself and that man or woman you are with, "Why do you want me, really?"  Think about it.

Nicholl McGuire has experienced dating mature men.  She authored many nonfiction books about relationships and provides website content on many sites.  Learn more about her and subscribe to Nicholl's blog. 


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