It Isn't Always Business as Usual: Some Older Men are Kinky

He might look kind, sweet, youthful and harmless, but some mature gentlemen enjoy doing some things that cause discomfort, pain, and nightmares.  If you go along, just to get along Young Lady, you just mind find yourself needing therapy one day.

Let's face it some women are ill-equipped to handle some unique, interesting, painful and downright strange experiences sexual and otherwise and to expose them to such things might mentally break them down to the point that they are useless even to themselves.  Drugs, alcohol, and other things are used to lower one's inhibitions in many weird situations, but just how low does an individual want to go?  What might be the consequences if a young lady reaches a point of no return?  Will one be ready to face those issues and still sleep at night?

There are some aspects about dating that are just unexpected and if a young woman is in the dark about some things she will be frightened and possibly will get law enforcement and others involved.  This is why one needs to know a person well and if she is interested in doing some wild things then that is her choice, but she should never be talked or forced into doing things she just doesn't want to do.

Nicholl McGuire is the author of Socially Sweet, Privately Cruel Abusive Men and other books.

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