Preying Older Men Praying to Get Young Women to Use for Money

There are older men who legitimately want a relationship with young women, yet there are others who are looking to pimp them.  These men are not to be trusted.  No matter what they promise, what assets they claim they have, or how much they compliment these young women, their only plan is to make money with them and lots of it.

On this site, we don't encourage or endorse the kind of behavior that is immoral and illegal.  We simply provide practical tips to an audience who desires companionship whether long or short-term.  We know that young women are going to want to date older men and vice versa, so why not talk about it?  But this business of baiting young women to ultimately use them as sex slaves is wrong!  For some preying older men, they would retort, "Says who?"  Says the parents, law enforcement, organizations, and others who don't want you involved with their daughters for financial gain that's who!

Please be advised young women to think twice before agreeing to meet/sleep with/entertain a preying older man who does the following:

1.  Approaches you in an atmosphere that predominately attracts youth.

2.  Often chats with you on a social media page or dating website about sexual things and pressures you to meet him in person often.

3.  Lies or covers up about things like:  marital status, age, where he lives, works, etc.  Always perform a background check.

4.  Vaguely explains or can't explain markings on his body especially private parts.

5.  Takes particular interest in an older relative or friend of yours while attempting to get close to you.

6.  Frequents places that you know are shady or dangerous.

7.  Claims to be a Christian or have some other faith, but his behavior contradicts the word of God.

8.  Rushes to give you all his contact information and arranges to have sex with you especially during the first meeting.

9.  Promises he will help you with your personal issues, but not without expecting something in return.

10.  Cyber-stalks you, drops by your residence, befriends people you know, and makes you feel uncomfortable when talking to you (i.e. stares wildly, looks at your body parts but rarely makes eye contact, hypersexual behaviors such as frequently touching you, talks a lot about what he wants you to do for him...)

Preying older men never have just one young lady they are conversing with.  They usually have others they have either had sex with or plan to have sex with.  They will not say much to young women about their personal lives, who they might know, and where they might go when not with them.  They tend to be secretive, uncaring, and stubborn in their ways.  These men are often unhappy, wrestle occasionally with feelings of guilt, quick-tempered, and have a long trail of broken hearts.  Some of these preying older men are emotionally and physically abusive.

If you know someone like this, be sure to pray about the situation.  Confide in someone you trust and seek out online and offline resources that can help you.  Take the time to Google: Human Sex Trafficking Warning Signs.

Nicholl McGuire

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