How Do You Know the Older Man is Really as Clean as He Looks?

The gentleman dresses nice and smells good when he comes around you, this mature man is definitely making a good impression on you.  But is he really as clean as he portrays himself to be?  In order to find out how good this man really is when it comes to taking care of his personal business when he is away from you requires careful observation and a good sense of smell.

1.  Notice if the older guy washes his hands or uses hand sanitizer prior to eating something.  Are there hand wipes in his car?  Does he clean his hands after pumping gas or spending a long day shaking hands with people?  Now some guys might be germaphobes which is a sign they have one or more OCDs, but those who simply don't want to catch a cold or simply think it is unwise to use dirty hands to open a piece of candy or gum, are going to be mindful of cleanliness.

2. When your date visits you at your home, does he head to the refrigerator or prepares food without washing his hands?  This is a clear sign that either his mother didn't educate him well on cleanliness or he simply forgot his mannerisms.

3.  When you visit his residence are there old traces of urine on and around the toilet?  What about the sink and bath areas does it look like it hasn't been cleaned in weeks? Is there often a funny smell coming from his kitchen and are countertops and floors full of days of sticky stuff and crumbs?  If yes is the answer to all previous questions, keep in mind you will not only be a potential girlfriend but a maid too.

4.  Check out the outside and inside of his automobile.  A rich man who doesn't take care of a pricey automobile unfortunately isn't interested in taking care of much else (but his professional business of course).  A poor man who is just getting by while driving an unsightly vehicle isn't quite ready to commit to a relationship.  For he knows that to care for a woman costs much money, but if she has a good job--he is all-too-open for a potential relationship.  He knows he doesn't have to work as hard.  A car that is not well-maintained says a lot about the kind of man you are involving yourself with.

5.  Observe the walls and floors of his home.  From dirty markings to nasty stains in the carpeting, what is he doing besides going to work and seeing you?  It isn't difficult to shampoo a carpet or wipe dirt marks off a wall.  Does he bother to go above and beyond to make sure his environment is visually pleasing when you and relatives come over?  Once again, think about the future, he just might expect you to do the things he doesn't want to do.

6.  Most men don't dust.  Those who do are very detailed about other areas of their homes like the way shoes are organized and how it is decorated.  These guys can be hard to deal with if you aren't clean and organized.  If their moms were extremely organized, they can be too.  Some are so good about keeping their homes clean to the point that you have to question, "What will I be getting myself into?"  These men will not hesitate to tell you if you are putting something back in the wrong place.

7.  Bedding, washcloths and towels should be changed often.  If you are repeatedly visiting his residence and notice that these things still haven't been washed, not only is this not a good sign he isn't as clean as he claims, but also watch sleeping and using his things especially if he is dating others.  Uncleanliness will create a breeding ground for all sorts of issues including the sexually transmitted disease crabs.

8.  Does he bother to clean himself after a bowel movement, prior to sex or afterward, or a workout?  The unsightly things and smelly odors left behind on clothing, bedding, furniture and floors can be an immediate turnoff for anyone when visiting a person's dwelling.  Most people don't want to smell or view any body fluids especially after a sexual act has long been over.  If you find that the man doesn't bother to wash himself or the items that he uses, be cautious of him. 

9.  When was the last time he visited a dentist?  You will know by the way his breath smells and his teeth look.  Frequent complaints about his teeth hurting, needing a tooth pull or something else related to dental care are signs that he has not been good about caring for his teeth.  Also, keep in mind that the older a man is the more likely he will lose some teeth.

10.  Whether prior to sex or afterward he is talking about the way his body feels such as: aches, pain, strange sensations, and other things, this is also a clear sign he needs to stay on top of his doctor's appointments.  Men who avoid doctor check-ups and don't maintain a healthy body weight have all sorts of bodily problems from strange smells to sudden pains. 

If you should comment about cleaning or organizing certain things in his dwelling or mention something unflattering about his body issues and he takes offense no matter how nice you say how something looks or feels, don't make any apologies, you know what the future will look like between you and he.  Disputes over going to the doctor, complaints about bad smells, who will put the dishes in the dishwasher, who will wash the laundry, clean the carpets, dust, etc.

When it comes to dating mature or younger men, remember just because they look clean, doesn't mean that they are.  Simple things like washing hands and body, brushing teeth and gargling, going to the doctor's for a check-up, maintaining the household and his vehicle shouldn't be an issue for most mature men.  But if they are, just know that the individual is either too busy, old, lazy, or crazy to give a d*mn. 

If you don't mind assisting the mature gentleman with housekeeping (not being a maid for him) and could care less about the way his body looks or smells, then by all means continue to go about loving the older man just the way that he is.

Nicholl McGuire 

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