What on Earth Do You Want? A Young, Sweet Woman or a Nasty One?

It seems that mean, nasty and rude girls are taking over reality television.  The louder and wilder they are, the more people tune in.  On top of all the arrogant behavior is also sexy dressed women who draw equally prideful, nasty men to their beds.  You get what you attract.

A mature man who desires a young, sweet woman on the street, yet a freak in the bedroom, may not get that. He may also be out of luck finding a woman who doesn't know when to turn the freak off.  A young woman may look beautiful and appear intelligent, but her selection in clothing, places to live and interests might say otherwise.  Nasty women typically like nasty boys.  Sweet women desire sweet men.  Yet, with so much brainwashing going on in society, couples are all mixed up and it isn't any wonder why some relationships just don't make it.  Sweet can't stand nasty anymore.  Nasty finds sweet get the picture.

A mature man must know what he wants.  He can't have it all although he think he can.  What exactly is "all" anyway?  Since no single woman can provide it all.  He will look to find many women to suit different needs like the young woman does who has yet to commit to any one man.  The desire to have it all is different depending on who you talk to.  Some men want beauty, charm, honesty, respect, and more in their women.  Others just want beauty and sex.  Then there are still others who want as much as they can get including a potential steady girlfriend or wife.  But most men who are looking to relax, tired of the dating scene, prefer the sweet woman over the nasty one with an attitude any day.

Nicholl McGuire

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