Older Guy: 6 Things You Can Do to Keep a Young Woman Interested in You

The mature man will not always hold the top spot in his young date's life when he slacks in how he treats her, becomes lazy about keeping up his body, and overall doesn't care about her.  There will always be a man or two willing to do what he no longer wants to do.  Thanks to the Internet, it is far too easy to emotionally connect with someone in the hopes of meeting him or her offline one day. 

Couples have their work cut out for them if they hope to stay together.  A May-December romance will quickly fizzle out if neither person is willing to do the kind of things that will draw one another close.  So what might an older man do to keep his young beauty on his arm besides buy her things, give her money, and make promises?

1.  Do what you did during the courtship.

You worked to get her, so work to keep her.  What did you do early on in the relationship that made her smile?  What could you do to make her think of how special you are?  How do you remain relevant in her life like a fame-starved celebrity would want to be to his or her fans?

2.  Improve your attire and be sure to smell good.

Most young women do much to make themselves look appealing, so it would make sense that she would want to look at a nice-looking man while smelling a nice odor coming from him.  Yet, there are men who don't care much about smelly breath, under-arms, private areas, or feet and then wonder why she doesn't want to kiss or have sex.  Go figure!?

3.  Exercise.

So many older men feel insecure around younger men simply because they don't bother to work-out and do things that will improve their bodies.  Instead of feeling like your young woman is going to run off with the next man she sees, do something that will make her feel good about having sex with you.

4.  Do things she likes sometimes.

Will it really hurt to give up a personal day, leave a job early, or take a holiday and enjoy time with your woman?  She has told you about an upcoming event, so clear your schedule and go with her.  Your efforts will be remembered and you just might have a woman who will appreciate you because you show how much you care about her and the people and activities that come with her.

5.  Listen rather than advise so much.

Sometimes mature men tend to give far too much advice and not enough of a listening ear or vice versa.  Find the balance when you are in your lady's presence and be open to what she has to say about everything from her job to how she feels about you.

6.  Change routine and offer to include her
Never assume that she doesn't want to tag along when you go somewhere especially if you both haven't been spending much time together lately.  There is nothing wrong with doing some things different.  Rather than spend each weekend in front of the television screen, why not drive to a local town and window-shop, take a walk in the park, visit an attraction, take a class, or visit a cool family member or friend you both like.

The more you give, hopefully the more you will get in return.  If you are an older guy who sincerely would like to make things work in your relationship, then sit back, evaluate what you are doing and not doing, and take the time to make changes.  Check in with your lady friend to see how you are doing and share your personal feelings and thoughts on what she can do to help you be the best guy for her.

Nicholl McGuire also shares relationship advice here.

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