10 Signs Time to Call it Quits - When Younger Woman No Longer is Into Older Guy

You knew the day would come when your young date would stop liking you so much and start acting negatively toward you.  There are pros and cons to being older, and no matter what you do the cons tend to outweigh the pros. 

You have already tried to keep your young lady's interest by doing things you use to do that she once enjoyed.  You have attempted to perform a make-over on your physique.  You have bought your date much.  All these things and more are simply not holding her interest.  It is safe to say that it just might be time to call it quits.  Could she also be doing the following too?

1.  She rarely makes eye contact. 
2.  The young woman frowns when she takes one look at you without your ever saying anything. 
3.  She isn't the least bit interested in how you look when you make improvements to yourself.
4.  Your date rarely, if ever, compliments you.
5.  She tells you she doesn't like you anymore.
6.  She makes jokes about your body shape, graying hair, wrinkles, etc.
7.  She frequently sighs when you complain about body aches and being tired.
8.  Her eyes often wander, she finds men her own age or younger more attractive.
9.  She acts disrespectful when you talk.
10.  She doesn't like going places with you especially events that cater to her age group.

Sometimes a mature man has reached a point in his life where he grows weary of having to appease someone that he knows he really has no real connection.  His observant young partner might take notice and display signs that she doesn't feel that the relationship is worth preserving any longer as well.  When this happens, one or both will need to sit down and talk about going separate ways; rather than continuing to make one another feel miserable. 

Once you break up, most likely someone in your circle will tell you, "I told you so..." grin and bear it--you already knew it wouldn't work.

Nicholl McGuire

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