Breaking Up with a Young Woman Will Reveal Just How Mature She Really Is

Rejection is hard for anyone to accept especially when it comes to relationships.  When someone sits before you and explains why he or she no longer wants to be with you, it can wreck havoc on your emotions at least for awhile.  For an older man who comes to the realization that a young woman is not what he wants in his life right now (although days, weeks, months or even years before he would have fought to keep her), breaking up can be a challenging experience that just might reveal some information one just might not want to hear.

A young woman most likely has gone through some negative experiences trying to stay in a relationship with an older man that she has yet to voice.  The idea that she might have wasted time with someone half her age or older only for the man to one day reject her just might cause her to throw out a myriad of expletives, insults and blows.

The young woman might have experienced middle-aged women's stares and thought, "I love him, who cares?"  She may have dealt with the negative attitudes from the older man's relatives and friends and said to herself, "I don't have to deal with any of them."  There were also those unsightly and smelly experiences that came with her older man's aging process and she told herself, "So what, one day I will get old too."  But then one day, the man who once gave her security and attention tells her that he doesn't want to be with her anymore, "The nerve of him...the crap I had to put up with just to be with his ugly, old...," she thinks.  You get the point.

The truth starts coming out of a sharp tongue, "So you want to be with an old b*tch, don't you?  Menopause, saggy breasts, dry and loose you know think she is better than me!  You fat, balding guy...go right ahead date your gray-haired prune!"  This is the day that no middle-aged guy, who thinks he isn't so bad looking, wants to experience, she goes on, "You know you can't stay hard and I hate it...and by the way did you really think I would have kids with an old guy?"

A man who experiences a barrage of insults and anger from a young lady who he thought at one time was so mature might be baffled, too hurt to respond, or is nonchalant about her reactions to the break up.  But whatever the response, the young woman's true age shows up and shows out.  The idea that a mature man ever thought that the young lady might have been The One goes out the window. 

An older man who isn't convinced that being with a young woman is what he wants, would be best to talk to her in a public area, text, email, or converse over the phone.  Make it plain that you very much want to move on with your life and will no longer be accepting any phone calls or emails from her.  Then give yourself a needed break and when you are ready, seek a mature woman who can relate to you.

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When the Older Man Wants Children

He claims that he wants a baby, but the truth is he wasn't much of a dad to the children he already has  The young woman isn't too happy with her older boyfriend's request, so she ponders and she ponders, "Not interested," her brain replies.  In time, the relationship ends and the older man is on to the next one.

Planning a pregnancy, raising children, and saying goodbye to sons and daughters isn't easy.  A young woman who wasn't that long ago a child isn't going to be happy about having a baby with someone who just might not be the man of her dreams--especially when she has a lot of plans inside that mind of hers.  The best thing a mature man can do in a situation like this is permit the young lady to live her life, not persuade her to have children.  Imagine this, frequent doctor's appointments, weight gain, hair loss, a gassy newborn, sleepless nights, mommy blues, bills and more bills, diaper changes, and other things that she or her older partner may or may not be ready for at this point in their lives.

Yet, there are those men who will use manipulative mind control to get a young woman to at least consider having their babies for they know older women, possibly with children of their own are uninterested.  It would make sense for a young woman to protect herself at all times especially if she is with a man who has communicated many times his desire to have children.

Now if you are in a relationship with a young woman who might want to have children with you, once again no pressure.  If anything, one should be supportive in helping her get dreams accomplished (i.e. marriage might be a part of her plan) and who knows, the reward might be a baby one day--that is if she really wants to be a mom.  However, there are many women who have no interest in being a mother particularly in their twenties and if this has been communicated, you would be better off looking for someone else who really does want to be a mom.

Nicholl McGuire 

A Player with a Private Problem - When the Older Man Thinks It's the Ladies

He was a man who had a lot of lovers in his youth, beautiful ugly, older, younger, tall, short, fat, skinny in many different hues.  Yet, he had a problem, one that his family didn't know about.

It wasn't that he didn't have much money, he had more than enough.  His issue wasn't an addiction, oftentimes he was sober.  He didn't have a mental problem, he proved time and time again he had plenty of sense.  No, his issue was that member below, that love stick.  It worked when it felt like it.

Now this man wasn't physically fit, nor was he an eye-catcher.  But he had a way with words.  He complimented women, made them laugh, and gave them a gift or two when he really liked certain ones.  The young ladies had no clue he had personal problems until he kept them around for awhile.  As he grew older, the man realized that his younger companions might catch on to his secret, so he learned not to date them for long.

The man liked to blame his lovers for not turning him on or start disputes to distract the women's minds from what was really going on with him in the bedroom.  He would act as if he didn't like one or two, when he really did, there was one he actually loved once upon time.  Yet, his pride would get the best of him and he just couldn't admit that it wasn't that the women didn't turn him on anymore, he just couldn't remain erect. 

His private issue wasn't a new problem, he had struggled with it for years.  Medicines, herbal remedies, and supplements only complicated matters.  Exercise gave him a thrill once in awhile. 

When it came to dating, the frustrated, lonely man put on a smile, dressed well, and acted as if he was on top of the world while inside he was bitter with his Creator, "Why me!?" he exclaimed one day.  There was no answer from his Maker.

Family and friends who admired the player had no clue.  They reasoned, "He knows how to get them...he is good at what he does!"  Sure, he was good at drawing women into his world, but keeping them, well that was another matter. 

Little did loved ones know what was really up or shall we say down with him.

Nicholl McGuire


How To Go Out With Younger Women

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On Dating Older Guys: When the Young Lady Realizes Her Youth Isn't Forever

Every young woman experiences varying seasons of being ignorant, na├»ve, silly, and fragile when it comes to dealing with life issues.  A mature man knows this and most often will not think too much about having a long-lasting, committed relationship with a young woman/girl who is still developing mentally and physically.  However, there are those men who are excited about the possibility of playing the role of naughty teacher to an unsuspecting student while others simply desire a quality relationship.  Despite age differences, issues related to immaturity, family members' concerns, and more, some older men will continue to work at building a relationship with their younger partners.

It can be sometimes shameful and embarrassing for some senior men to date younger women with a 30 plus age gap, and so they will end good times before they become challenging ones.  Others are nonchalant when it comes to the older dating younger relationship and will continue to be with very young women/girls despite what people their own age and older warn.  These men reason, "As long as I am having a good time, who cares what they think?"  Notice "I" not we is in the previous statement. 

But one day, the young woman/girl will start to notice that her youth is passing her by.  She might find that acting like anyone but herself isn't what she wants to do.  She may start to listen to wise counselors while coming to the realization that maybe being with an older man just isn't for her.  The young lady's requests for money and other things from her older man will eventually not suffice and the nagging feeling within her will one day question, "Youth and beauty are passing you by, what more do you want out of life besides sex and things?"

Most young women/girls don't reach any "aha" moment of being used and abused or being the user or abuser until they hit rock bottom in their lives.  It is when they start to feel like someone has robbed them of something or they have missed out on life that they start looking around for someone or something to blame.  The fantasy of love and forever bliss is wiped away with reality and heartbreak for her, the lover or both.

A mature man might walk away from his spoiled creation sooner or later, but may return again like a drug addict needing yet another fix.  The same might occur with the young woman.   The time will come when hard decisions must be reached to be in or out of the relationship.  An older man, who knows better, will  recognize his young woman is evolving and like a butterfly, he will watch her fly freely.  But the controlling, abusive type will attempt to put a "pretty young thing" back into her cocoon.  In the eyes of the narcissist and the psychopath, she is nothing more than a "thing" anyway.

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