On Dating Older Guys: When the Young Lady Realizes Her Youth Isn't Forever

Every young woman experiences varying seasons of being ignorant, na├»ve, silly, and fragile when it comes to dealing with life issues.  A mature man knows this and most often will not think too much about having a long-lasting, committed relationship with a young woman/girl who is still developing mentally and physically.  However, there are those men who are excited about the possibility of playing the role of naughty teacher to an unsuspecting student while others simply desire a quality relationship.  Despite age differences, issues related to immaturity, family members' concerns, and more, some older men will continue to work at building a relationship with their younger partners.

It can be sometimes shameful and embarrassing for some senior men to date younger women with a 30 plus age gap, and so they will end good times before they become challenging ones.  Others are nonchalant when it comes to the older dating younger relationship and will continue to be with very young women/girls despite what people their own age and older warn.  These men reason, "As long as I am having a good time, who cares what they think?"  Notice "I" not we is in the previous statement. 

But one day, the young woman/girl will start to notice that her youth is passing her by.  She might find that acting like anyone but herself isn't what she wants to do.  She may start to listen to wise counselors while coming to the realization that maybe being with an older man just isn't for her.  The young lady's requests for money and other things from her older man will eventually not suffice and the nagging feeling within her will one day question, "Youth and beauty are passing you by, what more do you want out of life besides sex and things?"

Most young women/girls don't reach any "aha" moment of being used and abused or being the user or abuser until they hit rock bottom in their lives.  It is when they start to feel like someone has robbed them of something or they have missed out on life that they start looking around for someone or something to blame.  The fantasy of love and forever bliss is wiped away with reality and heartbreak for her, the lover or both.

A mature man might walk away from his spoiled creation sooner or later, but may return again like a drug addict needing yet another fix.  The same might occur with the young woman.   The time will come when hard decisions must be reached to be in or out of the relationship.  An older man, who knows better, will  recognize his young woman is evolving and like a butterfly, he will watch her fly freely.  But the controlling, abusive type will attempt to put a "pretty young thing" back into her cocoon.  In the eyes of the narcissist and the psychopath, she is nothing more than a "thing" anyway.

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