A Player with a Private Problem - When the Older Man Thinks It's the Ladies

He was a man who had a lot of lovers in his youth, beautiful ugly, older, younger, tall, short, fat, skinny in many different hues.  Yet, he had a problem, one that his family didn't know about.

It wasn't that he didn't have much money, he had more than enough.  His issue wasn't an addiction, oftentimes he was sober.  He didn't have a mental problem, he proved time and time again he had plenty of sense.  No, his issue was that member below, that love stick.  It worked when it felt like it.

Now this man wasn't physically fit, nor was he an eye-catcher.  But he had a way with words.  He complimented women, made them laugh, and gave them a gift or two when he really liked certain ones.  The young ladies had no clue he had personal problems until he kept them around for awhile.  As he grew older, the man realized that his younger companions might catch on to his secret, so he learned not to date them for long.

The man liked to blame his lovers for not turning him on or start disputes to distract the women's minds from what was really going on with him in the bedroom.  He would act as if he didn't like one or two, when he really did, there was one he actually loved once upon time.  Yet, his pride would get the best of him and he just couldn't admit that it wasn't that the women didn't turn him on anymore, he just couldn't remain erect. 

His private issue wasn't a new problem, he had struggled with it for years.  Medicines, herbal remedies, and supplements only complicated matters.  Exercise gave him a thrill once in awhile. 

When it came to dating, the frustrated, lonely man put on a smile, dressed well, and acted as if he was on top of the world while inside he was bitter with his Creator, "Why me!?" he exclaimed one day.  There was no answer from his Maker.

Family and friends who admired the player had no clue.  They reasoned, "He knows how to get them...he is good at what he does!"  Sure, he was good at drawing women into his world, but keeping them, well that was another matter. 

Little did loved ones know what was really up or shall we say down with him.

Nicholl McGuire

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