Young Women: Guard Your Beauty and Your Youth

As much as we would like to believe that those who seek a companion mean well, there are many in our society that are more concerned about intimate needs being met by an attractive and energetic special someone.  Yet, when you are older, and not as youthful as you once were and not much interested in living life like a youth, why does one bother dating younger?

A young beautiful woman full of life must guard her beauty and her youth from those who are simply dull, boring types who may have once looked fit and attractive and had an interesting life, but not anymore.  If there is one who is wise around the youthful beauty, she should take heed to advice discouraging her not to date someone who is showing signs that he is more interested in stealing her beauty and youth for himself; rather than working to preserve his own.  From keeping the young woman close to him to saying or doing negative things to keep the young woman from experiencing life, some older men have troubled minds void of understanding, empathy or love for another human being.  Controlling, abusive, and downright strange, older men tend to be the ones who prey on content, young women, who might be easily persuaded into having sex in exchange for money and gifts.  

The more these young women give their beauty and energy away to tired, older men who have very little conversation, much less little time for intimacy, the more the twinkle in their eyes diminishes and the laughter, that once charmed their mature men, becomes no more.  Ever wonder why an older man who has a young woman on his arm looks unhappy?  Shouldn't he be grateful to have such a wonderful dame in his presence?  If he is honest with himself, he knows he has no business dating out of his age group especially if she is still discovering things about herself and isn't much knowledgeable about simple day-to-day living.  If the older guy isn't going to do the kind of things to make a young woman stay interested in him, like have a real conversation with her, then he has no business dating or marrying her.  Have you ever noticed the face of a young woman walking with or behind an older man?  Does she look happy and in love like she might be with someone closer to her age?  She may have a few bags in her hand, bought by her older partner, but is she really happy?

Beauty goes away so very quickly, before long the young woman looks at herself in the mirror and asks, "Where has time gone?  Why do I look so worn?"  Meanwhile, next to her in the mirror is an aging man, one who uses the unloved woman as a mere trophy piece to trick society into thinking he is okay with living his life.  Really?

Young women guard your beauty and your youth.  Tired, older men who thought that getting a young woman would complete you, think again!  Joy comes from within.  If you are unhappy with yourself and your life choices, seek your Creator to complete you, not a young woman still full of life!

Nicholl McGuire

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