Why He Doesn't Keep Any Young Ladies

Some men change women like they do underwear.  No one ever bothers to think, "What's up with this guy? "  They simply go on whatever he tells them about this young woman and that one.  But the truth is, many of these handsome players have problems!  From erection issues to personality disorders, there are some things seen and unseen that are simply wrong with them.  Sometimes there are those young women who just aren't any good to date because they too have issues, but when one sees a mature man frequently dating, never committing, while often blaming, you have to wonder.

I thought of the middle-aged men in my own family who were often paired up with gullible young women.  These pretty dames were indeed a sight for sore eyes and appeared to have their lives together.  They had good jobs, nice residences, reliable transportation, and some money in the bank.  I would think, "What is it about some of my older relatives these young ladies find attractive?"  Once the newness of their relationships wore off, these aging men were exposed for the cheaters and liars that they were.  I say past tense, because many are now deceased.  But I learned, while they lived, that rather than face their personal demons, they ran from them by running into the arms of young women while they re-created a young looking lifestyle. 

The young women were mere distractions in the lives of these miserable, angry men who knew how to act the good guy role in order to get what they wanted.  When things didn't work emotionally or physically in previous relationships, the old was replaced with the new.  These men, who enjoyed acting prideful and boasting about what little they had, believed that an "upgrade...a pretty new face who didn't talk much...a young woman with a job...someone who liked to have sex alot and go places..." is all they needed and they would be okay.  But they were never okay.  Many contracted sexual diseases and many others had grew weary behind closed doors, so I had heard.  Some had mental issues that were never prayed away or dealt with--deep inside they were very unhappy.  

The typical relationship disagreements would show up and my male relatives would show out.  Some young women were left with two black-eyes while others were scarred with bad names on their minds and hearts.  Those that managed to get away before things got too bad, recalled sad times when their past lovers had little, if anything, meaningful to say to them.  My single, older male relatives realized before their deaths that young, attractive women had their own minds nowadays.  They couldn't be easily controlled.  These young ladies weren't afraid to speak up about what bothered them.  This sort of behavior was a deal breaker for some of these troubled, older men in mid-life, who didn't mind spending a few dollars here and there, while expecting money and gifts in return from their young lovers.  These mature men had very little patience and often became easily irritated when the young women in their lives talked too long, shopped too long, and stuck around too long!

As much as many older men would love to look at everyone and everything as being a thorn in their sides, the reality is that these troubled men who spent their lives chasing tail, so to speak, are really angry at themselves for not doing much more with their lives.

Protect the females in your family who seek father figures, show them that all that is older isn't necessarily better.

Nicholl McGuire

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