No Sugar-Coating the Truth: Married and Dating The Father's Daughter

A parent has every right to be concerned when it comes to his twenty-something daughter being approached by a man his own age or older.  Let's face it, with so many music videos, television series, movies, and other media marketing young, fit, attractive looking women, an older man is going to flirt with the idea of dating a younger woman at some point in his life.

These young women that we see holding hands with rich men, old enough to be their fathers, are daughters.  Somehow something went amiss personally for these young women; therefore, that older partner, who spends time with his young lover, is fulfilling a void or many voids that men her own age just can't do for her.  From a workaholic father to an alcoholic one, the daughter who has grown up with these type of male figures, want to experience love and she just might not care who or what it comes from.  Age and looks mean nothing to a young woman desperate to find love.

Unfortunately for the married, older women, who are working hard to keep their mature partners with them, the competition can be fierce and get quite ugly when one has been jilted by a cheating partner for many years.  The young woman just might find herself in a situation where she will need the help from parents, counselors, and others, because she got in over her head when involving herself with a married man.  

These wayward, married spouses or single men in temporary relationships sometimes find themselves conversing with younger women in the hopes that they find them attractive enough to be more than friends.  When in the presence of a beautiful woman, some men forget about the responsibilities that await them at home.  Finding young women, who actually like these older men, is like a dream come true for them.  An older man might recall his youthful days when a certain type of girl or woman was out of his league, but now that he is successful, he might reason that the risk far outweighs everything else.  "If only I could have her..." he tells himself. 

For some of these young, niave women they become nothing more than prey.  They aren't necessarily wife material.  They aren't emotionally mature for a relationship.  They have little money to handle existing responsibilities much less be a partner's helpmate.  All of which a father knows about his daughters.  These immature youthful women lack understanding on what it truly means to be in a committed relationship.  They are also ill-equipped when it comes to looking beyond self and making sacrifices.  However, when it comes to bedroom experiences and being a mature man's companion, they typically don't fall short.  This is what drives a father and any other male the young woman is connected to crazy!  The thought that an old man is sleeping with their young daughter/niece/cousin creeps some mature men out!  In their minds, they can't imagine sleeping with a young woman.  It isn't any wonder why some older men find it difficult even impossible to have any relationship with a select young woman.  No matter what you say or do, you will never be good enough for a father's daughter especially if your intentions are temporal or with hidden motives.

I must admit in my personal life, I have been influenced by well-meaning family members and friends who wanted nothing but the best for me even if it meant selling one's soul, so to speak.  If more family members would motivate these young daughters to make wiser decisions when it comes to dating, not just for financial reasons, but also for deep, moral convictions, maybe there wouldn't be so many young women making themselves available to older, married men.

Nicholl McGuire


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