No Love, Just Sex - She Knows You are Living Out a Fantasy

For some young, single women, busy with careers and their social lives, they really aren't interested in a serious relationship despite what some older men might think.  Although there are those mature men who are all-too-eager to bed, wed, or share their wealth with beautiful young women, some of these ladies just aren't interested no matter what you promise or do for them.

There is no need trying to rack one's brain trying to figure out why some of these women, don't want a steady, older boyfriend.  Educated women know about things like: andropause, adultery, jealousy, former partners, adult sons and daughters, and other challenges that come with dating someone older and they just can't imagine being with an older man long-term. 

Mature men, who consider themselves still young physically and mentally, just can't fathom why they can't seem to connect with certain young women.  Instead of taking rejection personally, accept the fact that some women, whether old or young, just aren't going to want anything more than a brief conversation, possibly sex, and so life goes on. 

Some men have a need to relive a time in their lives where they were sought after and someone genuinely loved them, but things change.  Whatever an older gentleman once had in his previous life with someone else, far too many life disappointments have a way of tarnishing what once was and so for some men, they chase a dream of what could be.  Rather than facing  reality, some older singles create a fantasy in their minds with someone younger while hoping to relive emotions from their youth.  They seek to find someone special and when they do, they plan to tie her down, so to speak. 

Young women can detect when a man is desperate to find and keep a fantasy; therefore, these discerning women might give up sex, but not much else.

Nicholl McGuire is the author of Laboring to Love Myself and writes articles about a wide variety of subjects including family challenges.     

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