Tempted to Strike Back? The Abused Older Guy and His Crazy Young Girlfriend

Young, fiesty, and strong, the young woman hit her older partner for the third time this week.  He cursed at her each time, threatened to beat her down if she hit him again, and so she did and then again and again while kicking him with her high-heel shoes.  The thought of going to jail flashed through the man's mind.  "I'm too old for this," he thought.  His girlfriend got away with being physically abusive yet again.  He waited until she calmed down then asked her to leave.  She yelled, cried, and made promises not to do it again.  The older gentleman was fed up!

No matter how beautiful, talented, or how much you invested in the young woman, no man deserves to be abused!  You might feel ashamed, angry, depressed, or even bitter, but keeping this toxic woman around will only get worse.  Some men, who have suffered abuse like black and blue marks on their faces to bites in undisclosed locations, have kept episodes of abuse silent.  Instead, they drink alcohol or use drugs to numb their pain.  Others will find calmer women to date while keeping the "crazy b#tch" around.

If you are in a bad relationship right now or are attempting to recover from one, there are helpful resources as follows:

Battered Men: Men's Personal Stories

Hidden Hurt for Men in the UK

Web MD: Help for Battered Men

For more useful websites go here.

Nicholl McGuire also maintains a blog entitled, Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate, see here.

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