Last Minute Valentine's Day Gifts for a Young Woman

Most men will show up at a lady friend's door with flowers and candy, this is still a hit with most women.  However, what if she has allergies and chocolate isn't her favorite candy?  Here are simple, inexpensive gifts to make her smile. 

1.  Something she has often mentioned and still has yet to buy.  For the men who pay close attention to their dates, try getting a few of those inexpensive things and then include a Valentine's Day card mentioning that, "I was listening when you said you needed..."

2.  A cute box to hold future clutter with something inside like a decorative picture frame of the two of you is memorable.  Include a card.

3.  His and hers anything with a note.  From a couple of pretty wine glasses to a quality towel set, these items say, "I still believe in our relationship..."

4.  Costume jewelry is only good when it does have lots of gold and other paint on it that can easily come off.  Look closely for signs of tarnishing.  Also, keep in mind, that if she doesn't typically wear beaded items, decorative charms, etc. and has skin allergies, don't take the chance buying cheaply made items.

5.  Valentine's day is also a good time to pass on a family heirloom for committed couples--not those who are just getting to know one another.

6.  Create a handmade card and include a bottle of perfume that you would like to smell on her.

7.  Purchase a gift card to her favorite store, nail or beauty shop.

8.  Write a letter and include an I.O.U. coupon promising to take her to an outing, perform a service, or something else since you forgot to plan for the holiday.

Other things include: balloons, stuffed animals, a pretty red or pink shirt, an accessory by a favorite designer, a book of a favorite celebrity, something engraved with her name on it...

Remember, these are items you would give someone you are just getting to know.  But women who have been around for years, you will have to do better!  Electronics, gold or sterling silver jewelry, birthstones, airplane tickets, money, pay off a bill, help with chores for the day--unexpected things always blow them away!

Have a Happy Valentines Day!

Nicholl McGuire

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