7 Signs an Age-Gap Relationship is Over

You might have noticed a partner isn't acting like he or she is interested in staying in a relationship with you.  However, you don't want to assume the worse unless you see the following signs.

1.  He/she often complains about the other, to not only family and friends, but strangers too.

Jokes, insults and other statements that make one angry come up all-too-often.  One's partner feels like he or she is not liked much less loved.  When feelings of upset are mentioned, the offending one acts uncaring and doesn't acknowledge his or her partner's concerns.

2.  He/she has feelings of regret having met the other.

"I knew she was too young...I should have listened to my family--he's too old."  The thoughts plague one's mind to the point where there are feelings of discontent and regret left behind.

3.  There is a disconnect when conversing about important matters.

From topics about one's plans to issues about a job, when the couple talks to one another there is no attempt at making one another feel comfortable and secure in the relationship.  Statements like: "I don't get you...You don't understand...why do I bother talking to you..." increasingly come up during discussions.

4.  Plans of a future together are discontinued or no longer discussed.

When someone mentions marriage, children, buying a house, moving in together, etc., the couple isn't the least bit interested.  They have avoided all communication about being together long-term, if anything, they are planning to break up in the near future. 

5.  Frequent disputes including threats or violent attacks.

Unforgiveness, bitterness and resentment have taken root.  No matter how hard they try, nothing helps.  They think about paying one another back for the last incident that left one or both with hurt feelings.

6.  Thoughts of cheating increase or has already been done repeatedly.

Everyone else looks better than one's mate.  So thoughts of a new relationship with someone else are heavy on the mind if he or she hasn't already begun the process.

7.  Lies and cover-ups about one's feelings gradually stop occurring.

The liar or cheat starts getting sloppy with their cover-ups and false story-telling.  They are showing no signs of wanting to stay in a relationship.

Once it is confirmed in your mind, body and spirit that your girlfriend or guyfriend isn't interested in you anymore, move on with your life.  Save yourself the drama of make-up to break up.  When a man or woman is no longer interested in being with one's current partner, things only get worse, they don't get any better no matter how many promises are made.

Nicholl McGuire 

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