Age-Gap Dating: How to Know When the Younger Woman is No Longer Interesting in Dating You

The newness wears off in many age-gap relationships.  A mature date just isn't as appealing as he once was--it happens.  Money and gifts don't keep all young women interested in dating older men especially when she is use to having nice things.

When you think of the many young women who do enjoy the company of older men (at least for a season), you must also realize that many settle with them for a time until they are better able to take care of themselves.  Others may like the companionship, but not necessarily the way their men look. As for other young ladies, they just haven't met a charming guy their own age--yet.  But for the young women who no longer like or want to be around their older men, they will act subtle or quite boldly about how they truly feel about them.

1.  She frequently makes up excuses not to go out with him.

2.  She isn't much interested in his conversation and frequently looks away, answers her cell phone, or strikes up a conversation with others just so that he will stop talking.

3.  She ignores him when he calls.

4.  She badmouths about him to his face and behind his back without remorse.

5.  She isn't interested in being in the same room with him.

6.  She expresses little or no interest in his hobbies like she once did.

7.  She doesn't smile much around him.

8.  She is very guarded about sharing her private life and feelings.  For instance, she talks about others' thoughts/ideas/activities, but rarely shares how she feels about too much of anything.

9.  She stops asking her date/boyfriend to buy her things.

10.  She shows little, if any, affection toward him and doesn't act very responsive toward him when it comes to sex.

If you are a woman reading this and can relate to many of these signs, chances are you just don't like your date much, it would be best to make plans and move on.  If you are a man reading this and really desire to keep your young lady friend around, step up your game and ask her does she really want to be in a relationship with you!

Nicholl McGuire  

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