On Breaking Up with Younger or Older Partner - You Can't Get Away that Easy or Can You?

When you had your problems and your date had his or her's, you were there.  When loneliness was getting the best of you, that's when your lover came along.  When life was such a bore, your new friend brought excitement.  In the beginning, it was nice.  He grew to love you, treated you so sweetly.  She was beautiful, charming, and gave you butterflies like in a teenage romance.  But now?

It can be difficult to break up with someone who might still have a way of luring you back into his or her life even when you know he or she is no good for you.  Your partner may have been a true friend when no one seemed to care.  However, sometimes things go stale in relationships, because people change.  From childbirth to unresolved issues of the past, change can make or break relationships.  One must know when he or she can't stomach change anymore.  You will know when you just can't go on in a relationship if any of the following has started or you believe will begin:

1.  Feeling the need to cover up stories with lies.  Sometimes having no feelings of remorse.
2.  Frequent thoughts of wishing ill on this person.
3.  Unable to forgive and forget every time he or she says or does something that offends.
4.  An increase of disputes followed by thoughts of breaking up that don't seem to go away.
5.  Your body often aches around this person from headaches to backaches.
6.  You don't enjoy touching, smelling, or looking at this person like you once did.
7.  You find that you have very little in common with him or her.

If most or even all of these signs apply to your current relationship, cut your losses early!  Make plans to distance yourself from this individual.  Cut this person off sexually and emotionally.  Get belongings and stay away from him or her.  If you force yourself to stay when you really don't want to, eventually you will mistreat this person and it just might lead to physical violence. 

Nicholl McGuire

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