Young Woman You Wanted a Rich Man

So you decided to pursue a man with riches.  You placed yourself at the right place at the right time whether on or off the Internet.  However, now you have some thoughts about who he is and all that comes with him that aren't so positive.  Well, when this sort of thing happens; take a step back.  You will need to re-evaluate whether you are willing to compromise personal beliefs, make yourself available more than you want to, and other things to keep that rich man in your life.

There is more to life than money, but for some women, whether young or old, that is all they think about.  "How much can I get out of him?  I need this paid...what will I have to do to get him to pay for it?" These thoughts and others can create unnecessary stress.  Worrying over how to get someone to do something for you can be burdensome.  How much do you trust yourself to get what you want?  How much do you value you?  If your date is so rich, why do you feel the need to have to jump through hoops to get him to help you?  When you find yourself thinking more about his riches and less about the man himself, there is a problem--a big problem.  Sooner or later you will start to dislike who you are because you secretly feel the way you do about the rich man and his riches.  In addition, you just might lose interest in the rich man if he starts rejecting you often.  Keep in mind, he will be watching to see if you are indeed interested in him or his money like so many others do.

You may have to tweak some things about you so that you can honestly have a great relationship free of the complications that money and sex can bring.  Maybe you need to get out more, pursue hobbies, take classes, or do other things to make you more interesting.  Often young women become insecure, controlling, and rude when they feel their position in a rich man's life is being threatened.  These issues could be avoided had these women started a relationship with the rich man for the right reasons.  A rich man will also need to think about whether he wants more with his young partner in the future, because he knows that in time, there is the possibility that she might want more with him.

Being with a rich man isn't easy.  For purposes of this article, rich isn't defined by how much money a man makes only, but everything else that he has as well.  A rich man could have many assets, people around him he works with, talents, hobbies, a great personality, and more.  The wealthy man shows no evidence of being poor in much of anything.  For a young woman who doesn't have much, his lifestyle can be overwhelming and intimidating.  Immature women who aren't use to dating rich men can act strangely, rebel, and have temper tantrums like children.  If you or someone you know is acting in ways that is causing a rich date to act more like a father figure than a lover, than the relationship will most likely be headed toward a dead-end.

Embrace all that comes with the rich man good, bad, and ugly only if you are accepting of his ways, the people around him, and goods.  However, if you know that you are losing your identity and what you stand for while dating such a person, then back off.  Maybe he just isn't the answer to your prayers that you thought.

Nicholl McGuire

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