How Old is Too Old When Dating an Older Man?

Could you use a bit of sense of humor today?  Here's how you know when you are dating someone way too old for you!

1.  He repeats the same story at least three times or more in a conversation that is less than an hour long.

2.  He confuses you with a young lady he dated back when he was a youngster.  When you correct him on calling you by the wrong name, he says, "I'm sorry I didn't recognize you, let me go get my glasses."

3.  He is too old when he misses the toilet when he goes to the bathroom.

4.  If he often complains about his back, neck, head and any other part of his anatomy before sex, during or after--take a clue, he's too d*mn old!

5.  When he says things like, "When I was your age...You are so young...What do you want an old geezer like me for?"

6.  He's too old when you constantly smell something old coming from his body!  Be careful that smell might rub off on you!

7.  You have yourself a real old guy when he starts reflecting back to a time when he only paid cents for something.

8.  He tells you that your old enough to be his granddaughter.

9.  When everything you touch on him is soft and he seems to be shrinking everywhere except for his ears and nose--they appear as if they are growing monthly!

10.  He is definitely too old when your grandmother tries to hit on him!

Nicholl McGuire

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