How Do You Know When You Are Dating Someone Who is Too Young?

Some older men just might need a wake up call when it comes to dating young women.  There are laws in the land on dating women young enough to be one's daughter twice for good reason!

1.  You know your girlfriend's too young when every other word that comes out of her mouth during a conversation is "Like," "You know" or "Cool."

2.  She's too young for you when she is asking you, "Now where is it that you like to shop again?  My grandfather likes going there too!"

3.  She just isn't old enough for you when she is enjoying your children more than you.  "Hey, let's play another game, your dad is boring!"

4.  She lies about her age (sometimes by applying heavy makeup) just so that people will stop staring when you both are out together, yet they keep right on looking any way.  You can't hide the truth!

5.  She is just a baby when she asks a lot, "What do you think?  How do you feel?  Do you think I should?"

6.  She is far too young, when a relative threatens to call the police if they see you coming around her again.

No girl/woman is worth losing your freedom or your life, jump ship while you still have time!

Nicholl McGuire

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