Young Woman Beat a Man at his Own Game - Know Some of the Rules He Uses to Play You

A young woman who has a loving family that is concerned about her dating an older man, needs to know that some men will play "mind" games until they get whatever it is that they are after. 

There are older men who not only come after sex, but money, a place to stay, a car, and whatever else a gullible naive, young woman desperate for attention will put out.  The following link puts some things into perspective, read how this blogger advises older men treat twenty-something young ladies based on their maturity level. 

If you have detected some put-off behavior with your older or maybe even a younger mate, you might be on to the game. 

Notice the players mentality and avoid it.  The molding/training that some men use to get women to fall in love, even act crazy, over them is sinful, to say the least.  See here:  Top Two Rules For Dating Younger Women: http://heartiste.wordpress.com/2008/02/07/top-two-rules-for-dating-younger-women/  Then read the comments afterward.

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