Things Younger Women Want from Older Dates and It’s Not Just Financial Security

There are many things that any single woman interested in dating a mature gentleman wants when beginning their courtship. But for young women, who don’t have much dating experience, they are looking for some things from their older gentlemen in addition to money and gifts.

A friendship.

It brings great pleasure to a young woman when she can clearly see that an older gentleman is fond of her. Many of her friends are not with young men who care much about their likes, dislikes, present, or future. So when the older man finds her not only “attractive, intelligent, destined to be a success,” or whatever other nice words he uses to describe her, he boosts her self-esteem and quite naturally she wants more of his company.

A good lover.

Sexually active young women desire mind-blowing sex. Chances are she didn’t have that kind of experience when she dated men her age and younger. So when she has made a connection with not only a man who is a good communicator, but a great lover too, she becomes very excited about what more he has to offer.

Someone who isn’t like the males who negatively impacted them.

When young women seek out older men, they are looking for something different. They want to be with the men who have the kind of attributes that aren’t like younger men. Some younger women already had the controlling, jealous type of boyfriend. So when the older gentleman comes along, she wants him to be the opposite of the last guy. Is he mentally stable, secure, mature, and not possessive?

Responsible partner.

From how he takes care of his car to the way he deals with others, is he the type of person that people respect and does he keep promises, and cares for others? A smart, young woman wants a man who is going to not only be responsible because he is receiving a paycheck from someone, but know how to manage his personal life as well. She recognizes the fact that she just might be a part of his world one day, so she best act just as responsible if not more.

A trustworthy mate.

Can she trust her date around her mother and other women she knows? Some men just can’t be trusted and so she will be watching to see if he won’t disrespect her, steal, or lie as well as other things. She might even question him on whether or not he has a faith or some kind of moral principles he follows.

They want attention.

Whether she has daddy issues or not, she hopes that her date will shower her with affection and listen to her when she is up and when she is down. So she will do and say things to get a response out of her date. She is curious about how he reacts to her.

They want their men healthy.

Young women are concerned about their mature dates’ health especially when they find themselves falling in love with them. They want their mates to live long.

When a man has the ability to financially take care of his self, household and anyone who he chooses to make his partner, it is a wonderful thing, because that is just one less thing that his future mate has to be concerned about especially if things aren’t going so well for her at this time. However, most young women have a drive to succeed and participate in the kinds of activities where they can still be who they are without losing their identity in a relationship. A gentleman who inspires his young partner to be the best she can be in all that she does will look beyond his wallet.  She just might really view him as someone who she might be able to spend the rest of her life with.

Nicholl McGuire blogger at It's All in the Family, see blog here.

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