10 Things that Excite Young Ladies About Their Dates' Transportation

So you want to make an even better impression on your date?  Know your transportation and how your young lady friend might respond to it.  Does she like a sporty car or a luxurious one?  What is she driving?  Make her feel special by sharing some of those things you like about your car, truck, van or motorcycle and offer to buy something that will cause her to think of you every time she gets into her car.  Consider the type of personality your date possesses, and think how her style might compliment your vehicle.

What is so special about a guy's transportation anyway?  Well, it all depends on the girl.  Following are 10 things that excite many young ladies who like nice automobiles.

1.  A ride on the back of a motorcycle for the adventurous type (keep in mind, not all young ladies like this).

2.  For those who don't mind messing up their hair, letting the convertible top down.

3.  The way the motor sounds when her date starts the car up.

4.  Automobile detail such as tinted windows, shiny rims, color, etc.

5.  How nice and clean the car smells.

6.  A spacious backseat.

7.  Riding in a vehicle that sits higher than others.

8.  A great sound system.

9.  A decorated inside with convenient items like tissue, trash bag, organizer, etc.

10.  Trunk space when traveling--no worries about bringing or buying too much stuff and not having enough room.

Make a lasting impression on the young lady when you pick her up the next time.  Impact her five senses and she just might be back for another ride on the town.

Nicholl McGuire also shares poetry here.

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