His Money, The Ex and Their Kids: A Fictional Story of a Very True Reality

The young woman didn't know what she was getting herself into when she started dating the older man.  She thought that dating this wealthy, handsome man was just the thing she needed to uplift her dismal lifestyle.  The sexy, young woman had envisioned a lifestyle of travel, nice gifts, and romance.  It didn't matter to her that most of her ideas on dating older came from a television reality show.

As the months grew into years, the young woman noticed many things about the older man that she simply didn't like.  She wouldn't dare share all that she observed with loved ones and close friends, because years ago, they warned her not to date "that old man."  They were concerned about her because the older guy had a bitter ex, a fluctuating income and stubborn, spoiled children from what they had heard.  But she was in love, at least so the college graduate believed.  If she could deal with crazy parents and wild roommates, she had reasoned dating the mature man would be a peace of cake.  But it wasn't.

The young lady was depressed and ready to call it quits.  Five years had gone by and she was weary of the ex calling and her boyfriend being what he called, "cordial for the sake of kids."  She suspected that he cheated on her with the ex one time or another.  The young woman had flew off the handle one too many times when his children were around; therefore, her boyfriend was carrying some hidden resentment because of those past episodes.  He had his doubts about the relationship, wasn't interested in rekindling any fires with the ex, and really didn't want to have to parent his children.  The young woman was a nice distraction, a good babysitter, cook and housekeeper sometimes.  Yet, she really wasn't meant to be in his life for very long.

Talking with older women, brought some comfort for the niave youngster.  She learned that men in her boyfriend's age group "had issues."  She reflected on how she once was so captivated by her older friend's charm and thought about marriage and having children of her own with him, but not so much anymore.  The young lady was changing like her man's unstable bank account.  She didn't anticipate that practically over night, money would be no more, fancy trips would vanish, and some of his material wealth would be taken away or sold.  Even worse, she had to give up some things he bought her to help him!  The poor girl struggled with thoughts of loving her boyfriend and once loving his money.  She hurt inside and at times felt like a fool for being so shallow when it came to getting her needs met.  Why did she allow her independence to be suffocated by lust?

A child free, beautiful, single woman with her life to live should be happy living it, but not this young miserable woman.  She knows that she permitted someone older and very selfish to redirect her lifestyle to fit his needs.  When would she start living her life?  It was obvious from the look on her boyfriend's face he had already lived his.

So the takeaway from this short fictional work is know the truth about your partner and be certain that you and he are willing to be in a relationship for better or for worse, rather than string one another a long with everything else, but love.

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