The Characteristics of a Spiritually Poor, Rich, Older Man

He is poor spiritually, yet rich materially.  He doesn't seem to appear like he is lacking in anything.  However, once you spend some time with him and listen carefully to his conversation, you find that the wealthy man really has no spiritual connection to anyone or anything.  He doesn't feel it is necessary to pray, read a Holy Bible, visit a church, meditate, or do anything else related to spirituality.  For young women who believe in a Creator, you will find that being with an older man who isn't interested in bettering himself spiritually is going to be a challenge.

Mature men can be stubborn.  They resist being told anything that makes them feel like they are out of control of their own lives.  The minister might make them feel that way.  A spiritual counselor may aggravate him.  A parent who is religious can be irritating.  Then the young woman who is sold out for Jesus might be a turn-off.

Choosing to abandon one's faith for riches is foolish and connecting with someone who has quite boldly expressed how he doesn't need or want a relationship with a Creator will be a problem in the short and long term.  Yet, young believers will take that chance anyway, because they have a love for money that their bibles warn against.  If you sincerely want someone to complete you, recognize the spiritually poor, rich older man and save yourself some heartache, don't make him your intimate partner.

Here are some things to look out for.
  1. The rich man thinks and acts most often without spiritual insight and acknowledgement of a Creator.
  2. He finds fault with others, even those who mean him well, also blames Creator.
  3. Seeks women, alcohol, drugs, parties, and more to make him feel whole, but is disappointed that nothing satisfies completely.
  4. Unable to mentally break free from draining responsibilities even if retired or living a sedentary lifestyle, because he spent much of his life acquiring things while having his life dictated by someone or something else.
  5. He lies or exaggerates about not having enough money.
  6. Hoards money when fearful of things like: family trials, media stories, and other’s personal experiences about lost material wealth. Some men have become this way because they grew up in poor households.
If you claim to be a believer, pray for him, but move on to someone who you have more commonalities when it comes to spirituality--he's out there, so don't settle!

Nicholl McGuire

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