Nasty, Crazy, Sexy and Sweet Young Women: Know the Differences

A mature guy wants to go on a rich dating website to find that special someone who is years younger than he.  The kind of gal who is going to be the one that makes his heart sing, but there is only one problem, he really doesn't know what he is looking for in a young woman.  There are all types of young women from nasty to sweet.  If a gentleman whether rich, poor, nice or mean doesn't have a clue as to what really turns him on, why would he expect his youthful date to know what he wants?

Nasty Girl

As much as some would rather look the other way and think more highly of themselves than they ought, Nasty Girl is on the dating website seeking a good time and she is looking for a Nasty Boy.  She may look like any man's fantasy girl, but she isn't necessarily interested in living out the Pretty Woman movie.  She also isn't playing by any book of morals and ethics, and she wouldn't be all that interested in meeting her date's family no matter how long they have dated.  So why does the nice guy fall for her and attempt to make Ms. Nasty date him exclusively, who knows?  If Nasty Girl is your speed, you have to act the part, don't pretend like you aren't nasty when you know you are, hypocrites!  Keep in mind, if a man claims to be a believer in a Higher Power, who he considers righteous, you might want to flee from temptation, because Nasty Girl is very charming and you won't be able to let go easily.

Crazy Girl

Now she is going to be the one who is going to say things that most women wouldn't.  She will act like a fool about almost anything.  "I just love this...I couldn't ever live without...I absolutely so want to...I am obsessed with..." You get the picture.  She is full of emotions, energy, happy one minute, sad the next, and she so very wants to see the world!  But be careful, she falls in love way too fast--might even forget to take a pill or two!  Crazy Girl is ready to drop panties faster than you can say, "Let's go to my place."  Can your cell phone handle all of her future texts, voice mails, and images?  Do you think you are ready to show her off to family, make her your wife and play father to her children within less than six months of meeting her?  Oh by the way, she isn't going to appreciate your chatting with other women even if they are your mother, sister and children's mother.

Sexy Girl

You may come across way too many of these young and sexy types including those who are not really sexy at all, but just pretend to be.  After a few dates, some of these women are back to the jeans, long shirts, and tennis shoes with their hair tied back and no makeup--uh oh, is she still pretty?  Then you have the real, sexy women who might be a tad bit difficult to keep up with, because their sexiness is just a bit too hot too handle.  Men will turn their necks to take a look at your girl and might even slip her a number or two when you aren't looking.  None of your conservative female relatives, especially the married ones, will accept Ms. Sexy spreading all her lust all over the place.  Best to keep her to yourself!  Now could she be future marriage material, maybe?  But then again, maybe not if she doesn't know how to control her sexy.  She is the cheating type, so you will need to watch her!

Sweet Girl

Quiet, docile, ready to get married and have a baby or two, Sweet is going to be that one who makes time for you.  She is going to practically do whatever you suggest without complaint.  Sweet will even cook, clean, and rub your back.  This young woman might remind you of that good woman you left behind back in your youth.  She will stir up butterflies in your belly and bring some excitement in your mundane life.  Oh yeah, Sweet is a keeper.  But some older men, who are more interested in a good time, are better off leaving Sweet alone.  You don't want to break that girl's heart, chances are she has quite a few people who are close to her that would love to stir up some trouble with an old man that they really don't like the idea she is dating.

So there you have it, equipped with some useful knowledge about at least four popular types of young women you will meet on just about any dating website!  Choose wisely and be prepared to face the consequences when you don't live up to what you say.  Please come back to this site and share your experience, we would love it!

Nicholl McGuire is an author, blogger and Internet content producer.  Learn more about her here.

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