The Older He Gets, The More He Forgets! The 60+ Mature Man

From observing the older men in my life, I noticed that many of them 60+ start to forget things.  Wives and girlfriends have to scurry around their homes, check the car, and look here and there for missing things.  Sometimes there is much tension in the air, because it has been the third time this week that one's beau has misplaced car keys, wallet and cell phone.  "Now where did I put my things?"  the 60+ male says with frustration in his voice.

Let's face it, the aging process is inevitable whether one likes it or not!  Sometimes it comes slowly for some middle-aged men and women and quickly for others based on one's stress levels and overall health.  There are rich, older men who attempt to spend the most money on the best items for hair, skin, nails, body, and more, because the thought of their bodies breaking down one day scares them.  Then there are some mature men who simply don't care what happens, they personally believe, like fine wine, they get better with age.  Whatever one's perspective on getting older, there will be those days that one will be looking and acting his age like the forgetful guy who misplaces his valuables.  Unfortunately, some younger women suddenly realize (after much love, affection, and money has been invested into them) that observing their mates getting older isn't something that they can handle and so off they go.

Do you know if you, being a younger woman or older man, have the patience to endure an active youth or an aging adult?  Can the younger woman sit back and observe her older man go through his middle years without running for the door every time he reaches a new milestone in his life and vice versa?  Maybe the older man, back when he was in his 40s, was fun to be around, but then when 50+ came along someone else showed up, what is she going to do now?  Dating someone older isn't for everyone and if some things are just too much, too soon, then slow down and think about what your future with your younger or older partner might look like. 

Some older women can attest to dating men their own age and becoming easily irritated with them, because some of their behaviors remind them that they too are aging.  They will admit that it isn't always easy dealing with a man who isn't happy or comfortable with getting older.

The younger woman must recognize that when her mature man forgets what she has told him, where he placed something, or how to get from Point A to Point B, that his issue of forgetfulness might be simple or complex depending on one's family history, health condition, and other factors, but don't take it personal!  Encourage your boyfriend/husband to get a check up.  Notice what he is eating and not eating and whether or not he is staying fit--a downward decline of one's health will affect the mind in the long term.  Think of how some people in your own family let themselves go over the years. 

Despite yet another challenge in this May-December relationship, for the ladies, try to be sweet to him and remind your fellow old soul that you love, admire and appreciate him.  And for the mature men, be real with yourself, you are getting older and with aging comes change, no sense in fighting about it, so you forgot where you took off your underwear for the umpteenth time, it doesn't mean you have Alzheimer's or does it?  Stay up on your health!

Nicholl McGuire

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