When the Only Thing a Sugar Daddy Has Going for Him Is He's Rich

Let's face it, some sugar daddies just aren't easy on the eyes and don't necessarily have a gift for entertaining a pretty young woman, you might be one of them.  So with that, there are some things that you will need to do to boost your strengths and downplay your weaknesses.

1.  Take care of yourself.

Far too many older men let themselves go.  The young woman looks at that nice photograph from yesteryear and dreams of having met you in your youth.  Before you go showing off those past photos, in an attempt to win her over with your past beauty, try keeping her interested in the modern day you.  Watch eating things that help pack on pounds around your mid-section.  Don't ignore health issues.  For instance, visit your doctor and dentist and share your concerns with them.  Trim your hair (dye it or upgrade it), cut your toe nails, and get unsightly things removed or changed where applicable.  Why permit yourself to go downhill just because you have reached a certain age?

2.  Be polite and considerate.

Sweet, inspirational, and loving responses and phrases used to keep a young woman interested in you go a long way--this is what puts the "Sugar" in Daddy!  Before long, she is forgetting about you being short, overweight, gray, and wrinkled.  Write your thoughts, speak your feelings, or buy a book, artwork, keepsake, or card that comes from the heart. 

3.  Look for opportunities to do kind deeds.

There are selfish, miserable rich older and younger men who simply don't have the time, patience, or know-how when it comes to having a quality relationship with women.  There are so many ways to show your appreciation and admiration of your younger partner.  Think of things she likes, needs, and hopes for and try to help her in whatever way you can.  From small tokens that make her life easier to help with paying bills, the fact still remains that some older, unattractive men get all the nice-looking ladies because they are good listeners and generous.

4.  Explain noticeable flaws.

Some flaws simply can't be hidden; therefore when she questions, "What is that?  How did that happen?  Why do you act that way?"  Be prepared to speak truth, but don't share so much information that she becomes fearful, worried, or start to wonder if she can catch what you got.  For example, if you really like your date and desire to be with her exclusively, be open to talking about things like an incurable sexually transmitted disease--don't fail to mention it, and always remember to protect yourself and your partner.

5.  Show much interest in your young partner's world.

Competition is fierce when it comes to dating a very attractive woman, so an unattractive man must stand out from the crowd by paying his young partner more attention than most men.  He has to genuinely care about her and be willing to offer her the kind of love and appreciation that touches her soul.

Keep in mind there are young women who will look pass your flaws when they can see your inner strengths manifest externally.  Do what you can to improve your self physically, mentally and spiritually.

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