When the Fashionably Dressed Older Man Overcompensates for His Lack

When young and older men sit back and admire a fellow brother who appears to be very successful, happy, and has many women who like him, what they don't readily see are his weaknesses and neither do those women who think he is a good catch.

Far too many young women, as well as older ones, are caught with a charming smile, false promises, and more because they fail to see manipulative tactics by deceptive older men.  Like young men, who look up to players, pimps, and hustlers, foolish women are taken by the gentleman's decor used to entice the naive, gullible, materialistic, and others who wish to walk in or beside his shoes.

The designer labels, the fat leather wallet, eye-catching jewelry, expensive cars, a big home, and other feel-good items are nothing more than distractions that lead many people away from truth.  It is very hard for one to see whether Mr. Right Now is more like Mr. Right Never Ever.

The young woman, captivated by an admirer's lustful desires, fails to see the signs that an older man is past his prime and may not satisfy her like a man her own age.  She deceives herself into thinking she is attracted to him because "He said that he would give me...He promised that he would buy me... He told me that he loved me..." when the reality is that this older man is deceiving his fans with charms that lead many women to Heartbreak Hotel.

Many older men have been dismissed as future long-term mates by observant, mature women, because they saw early on through these manipulative men's lies.  So he goes out to the local mall and elsewhere buying yet another item he doesn't need to make himself happy while seeking yet another woman who will stick around and give him what he wants before she notices his flaws.

Now some of the mature man's weaknesses are noticeable while others not so much.  Some women learn the hard way that there are those men who are physically broken--lacking in something here, there or everywhere!  One would think a man who knows he can't get along with or keep a woman for a variety of reasons would just settle with being alone, but not the determined mature man who thinks he still has what it takes from 10, 15 or 20 plus years ago!

The reality that he can't keep up with a younger woman or connect with women in his own age group soon affects various areas of his life from finances to location.  He thinks, "What can I do to make them like me?"  Some older men will dress up their broken bodies in the finest garments--especially those individuals who refuse to do things like:  take necessary medicines/supplements for their conditions, work out, or seek a professional therapist for past issues.  They believe that their next victim won't notice things like: a moody temperament, a terrible odor that comes and goes, impotence, tiredness, and strange behaviors.  Other mature men will buy gadgets and go places they think will impress their love interests.  While some will simply do nothing but run their mouths in the hopes that they can get a quickie from someone who might be having a similar hormonal high.

A man who really wants love in his life must come to terms with the truth about himself.  Dressing one's self in the latest fashions may draw some honeybees, but how long they stay is up in the air.  If you are experiencing some free time after breaking up with someone, consider looking at yourself in the mirror, sniff around, observe your environment, and pay close attention to what those closest to you have warned, a body that is crying out for love and peace needs more than just another item to cover it or keep it entertained.

Nicholl McGuire, creator of this blog.  Thank you for visiting!

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