Keep Up With Me

Found someone who can keep up with me
now that one is all I can see.

Have been through the fight to keep love in sight.
After years of pain, now I see the light!

Have told others, there is more to do besides sharing covers.
Tried to speak wisdom to the lost and confused kind of brothers.

I really wasn't prepared for a love like this,
but things changed when we shared a kiss.

Older, younger
stronger, wise.
Broke past ties,
kept away from lies.

Times were somewhat good back then,
even when my spirit didn't override my skin.

These days I am focused on what really matters,
true love has made a pumping heart grow fatter.

Feel satisfied with my new life,
less boring, and not as much strife.

Know what I want and why I am here,
happiness moves me to shed a tear.

I do not fear what people might say
I take the time out to pray each day.

Have a lot to share with the one who has blessed me,
healed my wandering, blind eyes, so that I may see,
I now appreciate the one who stands before me!

Nicholl McGuire

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