5 Things About Older Men No Woman Likes

So you got her, but can you keep her?  The younger, intelligent woman is not going to spend the best years of her life committed to a mature man who just can't seem to understand why some things he does or doesn't do are deal breakers.  If you love her, you will do what is right--without the excuse-making, blame game, reverse psychology tactics, and emotional or physical abuse.  No sane woman is going to tolerate the following forever and always!  Sooner or later she is going to take a stand, so rather than listen to her rant, pay attention and make needed changes.

1.  Men who don't keep themselves up ie.) take daily showers, cut hair, etc.

Would you want to smell a nasty body odor from your partner or look at her disheveled hair often?  Of course not.  You would say something to her wouldn't you.  So what makes you think she wants to keep tolerating some things about you that you have obviously let go? 

2.  Men who are users and abusers.

How long will you ask her to give you something, make this, or do that before she becomes visibly upset?  Do as much as you can on your own, without her assistance, and maybe you won't look like you are using and abusing her.  As one woman once shared with me about doing for men, "Iron wears out."  A woman will grow weary of being nice to you when you don't bother to appreciate her and do what she likes sometimes without resistance.  Men have said similar things--it takes two to tango, my friend.  Would you like to be used and abused by her?

3.  Men who lie or exaggerate about things like:  who they know, where they have been, and what happened while there.

If you can't help her, don't hurt her with lies and exaggerations.  Some women are vengeful--they hold alot in before they unleash their wrath--what you thought you got away with five days ago or even five years ago just might come back to haunt you, so tell the truth!

4.  Men who say one thing and do another. ie.) He says he likes to go places, but in reality he is a couch potato.

When you have dated much, there are some things that you should know by now when it comes to women, like not telling your date you love her when you really don't  know what you feel or making yourself out to be someone that you really aren't, like a rich big shot--yeah right.  Meanwhile, the reality is you are in over your head in debt and you hope your date offers to pay sometime.  Be open!

5.  Men who have little room in their lives for a committed relationship.

As much as you would like to date that special someone, the truth is you barely have enough time to clip your toenails.  Seriously, re-think dating a young woman when you know you have little time and patience.  She will desire your attention and affection and if you can't give it to her, there will be someone else (most likely younger than you) that will fulfill that void one day.  Think before you take the leap!

These five tips are just a start on the right track when it comes to dating and keeping a young woman, I'm sure you can think of five more.  So do take the time to better yourself before arguments get out of hand.

Nicholl McGuire 

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