You Wanted that Nice, Sexy...Now You Got It!

Oh boy, did you ever...!  "You got that nice piece of $%^?!" one of your boys says as if he doesn't believe it.  You are just smiling from ear-to-ear about that special man or woman in your life.  The world has stopped spinning and all you hear anymore are birds chirping.  You and your younger partner have isolated yourselves. You both have a "me and you against the world" mentality. 

So you thought I was going to say, "But..." right?  Of course, there is a "but."  But, it's for your own good, boss, dad, college student, retiree or divorced.  You know these titles will make or break this kind of relationship if you or she isn't comfortable with them.

Where do you go from here, mature man?  One of you or both should be asking this question, because anyone who has ever been in a relationship always comes to this point.  So it might as well be you who is reading this.  How will being in a relationship with your younger partner benefit you in both the short and long-terms?  Or, is there really any long-term?  You have heard the experiences of people in these kind of dating older/dating younger relationships.  Are you conducting yourself in that "full speed ahead until we crash into a wall" fashion in this relationship?

What about your career and/or educational goals?  Is there room in this relationship for that?  What about a possible pregnancy?  Do you really think aborting would be the best option or keeping the child?  How will your partner fit in with your family?  Do you make enough money if you are retired to help your younger partner?

Love blinds us.  Reality awakes us.  We can use every cliche in the book to make us feel at ease with what we are doing in our personal lives, but seriously mature man, we (both men and women of all ages) all need a voice of reason just in case that special someone breaks our heart.

Sure, your taking it slow, but then again maybe not if you already had sex with her.  Sure, you will come to that bridge when you get there.  You may already be there if she has been sharing her feelings about you.  Don't wait.  Talk about the things that matter when it comes to your intimate relationship with your younger woman and those who care about her.  She (and they--you know her family) just might still respect you in the morning.

Nicholl McGuire
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