How to Look Good to Women Even If You're Average Looking Or Below at a Relatively Inexpensive Cost

If you're a rich or famous man, you automatically look good to most women no matter how average or below average looking you are. Chances are you're not reading this if you are rich, famous or both. No matter what people say, looks are important as they affect how people initially perceive you. If you look attractive, the door is open to a woman taking the chance to at least knowing you if she's single and free. If you don't look attractive, most of the time a woman isn't going to give you the time of day no matter how wonderful a person you are. Knowing that you look attractive helps give off a vibe of self-confidence and you'll probably feel more comfortable with yourself as opposed to feeling insecure.
What follows are some easy tips on how to relatively transform yourself at relatively little cost, except step 1, no matter how average or below average looking you are:
1. If you have noticeably bad looking teeth get them fixed immediately. This one might cost you a bit, but it's worth it, as one of the first things people notice about someone is bad teeth. Bad teeth indicate you either don't care about your appearance or can't afford or are too cheap to get your teeth fixed. Now I'm not saying you have to have a Hollywood smile which costs a fortune, but at least you shouldn't have fang teeth, crooked teeth and gaps. If you don't fix your teeth, most of my other points won't help.
2. Get in at least average shape. If you're noticeably overweight, go on some kind of diet and gradually lose the weight, jog and work out with free weights at home 3 times a week. You don't need to look muscular or anything but you should at least look relatively toned. The end object should be that at least someone won't look at you and notice that you look out of shape. It's not important that someone looks at you and is turned on by your body but that they're not turned off by it. I would not try to lose a lot of weight at once as the skin on your face might sag, but do it gradually.
3. Get your hair styled and if you're happy with it, always use the same hair stylist. Always tip your stylist well and listen to them. This will not make or break your bank as believe it or not, places like Supercuts have some excellent stylists and the cost of a cut without extras is under $15. I would bring with you the first time either a previous picture of yourself which you liked your hair or a magazine photo of a style you like and ask the stylist to cut your hair that way unless the stylist doesn't think it would work on you now. I would rely on what the stylist says. Tell them that they shouldn't cut your hair too short, if anything leave it too long. Look at both the front and the back when they're done and if something doesn't look right, tell them so they can still fix it. Don't judge your hair on how it looks till about the 5th day after it was cut. If you like it, get someone to take close up pictures of the front and back. Next time you get your hair cut again, bring the pictures in and only get your hair cut by the same person. After about 5 visits, your stylist will know how you like your hair cut and it won't be necessary to bring them in again.
4. If you don't already have them, get yourself a couple of pairs of decent looking shoes and always have them looking shined. You'd be surprised at how many women notice a man's shoes first before their clothes.
5. Always have your clothes neatly pressed and cleaned and make sure they are tailored to your body which most department stores will do at little cost when you buy your clothes. Make sure you are measured for the right size shirt, pants and jacket. If you can afford it, I would recommend owning at least 2 nice suits and some sports jackets from a designer label. If you can't, try to at least own decent looking clothes that you can get from a department store that specializes in clothes like say a Macy's as opposed to a place like Marshall's. There usually are decent sales at Macy's. You can always use the internet to shop for clothes online. Also buy some decent looking ties as there is nothing worse then wearing a cheap tie with a good suit.
6. Unless you have a mustache or beard always shave in the morning and shave before you go on a date.
7. Take a shower, at least once a day.
8. Brush your teeth and floss at least once a day and before you go on a date.
9. When going on a date for the first time, I would try to wear your best suit and tie or sports jacket and tie, if you want to give her the look that says you are a successful person with a good job and career even if it's not true, unless that will not impress her at all. You want to come from a position of power. Who knows, if she gives you a chance, the fact that your not upwardly mobile might not bother her! The important thing is, don't lie about yourself either.
10. If you are losing your hair, I would try treating it or going to Hair Club For Men and getting a Hair Piece. I did and I was quite happy with mine and no one was even aware it was a hair piece! Don't be afraid or embarrassed about people at work or in your daily life seeing you in your new hair. Within about 2 weeks they'll be use to it and won't notice it any more. I'd even tell them that you got a hair piece right away which would help mitigate any anxiety you might have.
I should add, if nature truly gave you an obviously bad prominent feature such as a large hooked nose, I would get plastic surgery on it if you can afford it no matter what nonsense a family member might say. Don't think of it as something that shows character because you're only deluding yourself. I'm not advocating getting plastic surgery unless you have a truly bad prominent feature that other people notice. The most important thing to remember is, the more confident and less insecure you are with yourself, the more attractive others see you.
By P. Hershon

Why You Can't Find A Good Man

Why is it so hard for a good woman to find a good guy? I mean most women would bend over backwards for the right man. You treat him like a king and yet he still does not want to commit or even return your calls. What is really going on?
It may be that you are going after the wrong guy. No matter how good you are, if you are trying to get someone that does not want to settle down to settle down, you WILL fail. Not might, could or possibly. You will fail.
I have seen so many of my female friends give so much to get so little in return. They get frustrated by the lack of good men and settle for some guy that is not even worthy of them. They then "hope" that he will change. He is just not being "loved" the right way, they say.
WRONG. He is not changing. If he is getting every thing he wants being the way he is, why would he change. The problem is not him. You are trying to get him to be something other than what he is. You want him to be relationship material and he is not.
Wishing does not make it so. Just because you hope, wish and pray for a person to change does not make it likely that this person will do so. Can it happen? Sure, but do you want to bet your love life on it? You have been doing that all this time and what has it gotten you.
The answer is to find men that are ready to settle down. Men that are tired of the games and lies and looking for just one woman that will treat them right. Once you have found that type of person, the rest becomes easy.
The problem is that many women are looking in the wrong places for these types of men. The clubs and friends will not bring you the man that you want. Besides if he is so great why would she pass him on to you. No look in new places and you will find the right guys that will bring you the relationship that you deserve.
Happy Dating!


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