Why You Can't Find A Good Man

Why is it so hard for a good woman to find a good guy? I mean most women would bend over backwards for the right man. You treat him like a king and yet he still does not want to commit or even return your calls. What is really going on?
It may be that you are going after the wrong guy. No matter how good you are, if you are trying to get someone that does not want to settle down to settle down, you WILL fail. Not might, could or possibly. You will fail.
I have seen so many of my female friends give so much to get so little in return. They get frustrated by the lack of good men and settle for some guy that is not even worthy of them. They then "hope" that he will change. He is just not being "loved" the right way, they say.
WRONG. He is not changing. If he is getting every thing he wants being the way he is, why would he change. The problem is not him. You are trying to get him to be something other than what he is. You want him to be relationship material and he is not.
Wishing does not make it so. Just because you hope, wish and pray for a person to change does not make it likely that this person will do so. Can it happen? Sure, but do you want to bet your love life on it? You have been doing that all this time and what has it gotten you.
The answer is to find men that are ready to settle down. Men that are tired of the games and lies and looking for just one woman that will treat them right. Once you have found that type of person, the rest becomes easy.
The problem is that many women are looking in the wrong places for these types of men. The clubs and friends will not bring you the man that you want. Besides if he is so great why would she pass him on to you. No look in new places and you will find the right guys that will bring you the relationship that you deserve.
Happy Dating!

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