Younger Women Watch Out for Jealous Women in Mid-life

You chose to date your older man and you and he feel good about being together. However, there is one group of women who despise you! The older women going through a midlife crisis of their own!

You may have already noticed the negative attitude of these women. They roll their eyes, they say condescending comments like, "Aren't you cute? You are so young. Aww your still a baby! You are like a little sister to me." No matter how nice they say these little statements, these women are insecure with your youth and God bless you if you are beautiful because no matter what you do, some of these women will find fault with you!

There is something that arises in us when the presence of a beautiful woman or handsome man walks into a room. We may adjust our clothing, look at ourselves in the mirror just a little longer, add just a tadbit more make up, or toss our hair just a little bit more. Some of us just don't know how to behave around nice-looking people especially insecure women!

You are a light in that older man's eyes and you are also a dagger to those women in his family and those he has befriended who are insecure. Therefore, knowing this, be careful what you say to these women. Avoid talking about your man negatively to them. And most of all, when you are being disrespected by them, communicate that to your man. Some older men will not tolerate such foolishness, others will defend their family and friends or find excuses for them. The latter action is sad and unfortunately may make matters worse in your relationship. Both of you need to be in support of one another especially when their are jealous women in the midst.

It may be hard for him to realize his beloved sister or best friend is actually an un-supportive, jealous, insecure (you fill in the blank) and even if he doesn't believe it now, what is in darkness will come to light! If you believe in a greater power do the following: pray about your relationship, how you deal with matters as they arise, and believe that God will make your enemies your footstool!

Be encouraged!

Nicholl McGuire is the creator of this blog and the author of Laboring to Love Myself and Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate located at

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