When He Thinks You Are Dumb

The day will come when your intelligence will be tested young woman. He will come to you with a little bit of wisdom -- a question that just might leave you guessing. It's not that he is playing games with your head, at least not at this point, but he is trying to determine can you walk with him long term.

You see, young woman, no man wants a dumb blonde on his arm for a lifetime, so to those of you who are acting -- stop it! Let your intelligence show before its too late! Just like in school your teacher gives you a pop quiz to see if you were paying attention, the older man will do the same. Sometimes he doesn't know that is what he is doing until after he realizes he has been asking the kind of questions of you that will help him make a decision whether you are wife material.

The one major thing that separates the mature woman from the younger woman is life experience. The mature woman will underestimate the young woman because she falsely assumes that all are "babies, stupid, wet behind the ears, don't know any better, still young." However, the mature woman has a rude awakening when she realizes she is out of the running when a young woman steps up to the plate and shows her that she knows a thing or two about life too.

Part of stepping up to the plate is concentrating on your man. Studying him like you would a text book and knowing how to answer his questions when the time comes. Some of his questions may be about your interests, your hopes for the future, how you feel about him, where do you see yourself in five years with him (or without him) and how do you feel about his family. Depending on how serious you are in your commitment to him will determine how you answer his questions. If he is nothing more than a friend (someone you haven't slept with) then answer the questions selfishly, because you aren't interested in a future with him. But if you love this man and you can't eat, drink, or sleep without him, then be careful! You don't want to scare him off by preaching about me and not we.

Be smart young woman and you will go far! But act dumb and all you will be is nothing more than a toy for an older man!

Nicholl McGuire is the author of Laboring to Love Myself, Amazon.com http://laboringtoloveanabusivemate.blogspot.com

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