Being Overweight and Obese Affects Relationships Sooner or Later

We can convince ourselves all we want that being overweight or simply fat is unimportant like we do when we say, "Age is nothing but a number." Yet, health issues are important as indicated in other blog posts on this site and when you are in denial, you only make matters worse for you and those you claim to love.

There isn't anything sexy about a man or woman who can't walk very far, doesn't enjoy periodic sex due to health issues, and makes excuses as to why he or she refuses to improve one's self.  Then throw in unflattering clothing, a body odor and mood swings due to weight related problems.

I think of a man who was quite small in stature who dated and eventually married an obese woman.  Both are now deceased (RIP), but I learned a thing or two from observing those two.  Love didn't conquer the wife's obese issue.  The man acted impatient and mean-spirited to her.  He had his drinking problem and she had her overeating challenges before the pair met one another.  In time, the slim alcoholic cheated on her with other women who didn't look anything like her while she kept right on buying, cooking and eating her comfort foods.  The large woman, who later separated and then divorced her cheating husband, wasn't in denial about her weight issue, but rather than stay on top of improving herself, she sought the attention of men who would accept her just the way she was.  Needless to say all she got was friendship with one.

For the singles, keep searching for someone who is accepting of your weight issue, but keep in mind that at some point in the relationship, you and your future partner will have to face reality regardless of what motivational speakers and books say in their attempt to make you feel good about eating badly and being phat (fat). 

An overweight person comes with his or her share of challenges and just because he or she doesn't have symptoms now doesn't mean they won't ever. According to medical reports here's what to look out for:  type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (excess fat and inflammation in the liver of people who drink little or no alcohol), osteoarthritis (a health problem causing pain, swelling, and stiffness in one or more joints), some types of cancer: breast, colon, endometrial (related to the uterine lining), and kidney stroke.  Add sexual issues for some to this list.  Due to the weight, an obese person is limited to what he or she can do.  Sometimes it is hit or miss when trying to make a partner reach orgasm because he or she tires quickly.  You can learn more about overweight and obesity related issues here.

With so many symptoms related to eating one's favorite comfort foods far more than necessary, how might these health ailments impact one's age gap relationship?  Not only is the young woman dealing with the aging processing of her older partner, but his weight issues too.  Then again, it may be the other way around, the mature man having to remind his younger companion to stop eating so much.
When one is battling with weight loss, he or she isn't going to be the nicest person to be around.  The individual will have his or her share of mood problems, hunger pains, and frustrations while expecting one's partner to be more understanding.  The person may not be in the mood for sex due to strenuous workouts leaving muscles sore or a lack of exercise while body weight continues to increase. 

Sometimes people start off well eating healthy and exercising, but once they feel comfortable in a relationship, they let themselves go.  This is when the arguments increase.  Let's face it who we were attracted to initially is what we hope to see for as long as we are in a relationship with her or him.  But if we can't stand change, then we aren't going to do so well especially if we are hung up on appearance.  The person may lose the weight, but then he or she may not.  What will you do?

So before you shrug your shoulders and say, "I don't care that he (or she) is overweight..." think again particularly if you pride yourself on being physically fit or you are working hard to lose the weight.  Some men think they can change women and some women think they can change men.  Well in a May-December romance, it is going to be quite difficult to teach a stubborn old dog new tricks.

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