6 Tips on Detecting a Stupid Older Man - He Exists and Will Drive You Crazy

I know some niave, gullible, young women just don't want to believe that they could ever land a downright unintelligent, older man for a date.  But it happens and you best be watchful when it comes to some of these stupid so-called mature men.

1.  He claims he knows things that he really doesn't.

Quiz him on some things about life.  Listen to his answers.  Is he trying to impress you with ignorant slang?  Is he giving you complete answers?  Are you at a lost when trying to follow his conversation? Does he even know what he is talking about?

2.  He doesn't have much conversation and when he talks you almost want to laugh.

"Is that really all he has for me?" you think.  "I can't believe he asked me that question, is he stupid?"

3.  When you speak, he is looking all around, over your shoulder, or staring at you like some Weirdo?

You know you are attractive and intelligent.  Apparently, he not only can't make any healthy eye contact, but is he really listening to what you are saying?  Something is happening in that mind up there (sigh).

4.  He takes far too long to respond to your questions.  Deep thinking unnecessary.

Simple questions, simple answers.  So why does he take so long to answer?  How much time do you need to think about whether you like sprinkled cheese on pasta or not?  How long does it take to get one's mind started up to make conversation?

5.  He jokes and laughs way too much and nothing he or you says is really that funny.

"Okay, dude are you a retard?"

6.  He has nothing to show for all his hard work in life.

It isn't any wonder this guy is divorced twice, owns no property (his wives do), he wears tacky clothes, drives a beat up car (his wives have luxury automobiles), he rarely sees his children (wives don't trust him), etc.  Could it be that his past partners discovered he was stupid about women, money, chidlren, and men's fashion and kicked him to the curb?

So stupid is as stupid does.  When a man has a long pattern of making dumb life decisions, it is safe to say that he is a bit slow.  You will need to ask yourself, "Am I patient enough to deal with all the stupid stuff he will do if I continue to date him?"

There are many reasons why women his own age don't bother with them.  Young women sometimes ignore obvious red alert signs when it comes to dating; instead, they hope for the best.  This is a stupid move.  Check yourself on your intelligence level.  When you start seeing signs of stupidity, don't shake them off or reason them away.  Keep your eyes open for someone intelligent like you. Ponder this, that older man might be the father of your children one day.  Do you really want your children to perform badly in life?  

Nicholl McGuire

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