The Wider the Age Gap, The More Things to Consider

Love, friendship, compatible interests, similar goals, money, mental and financial stability, you name it and singles want it all.  Some get lucky and others not so much in meeting a partner.  Age gap dating is really not that different than dating someone your own age or close to it, but there are some differences.

This issue of age not meaning much only applies if the ages between the younger and older aren't extremely wide. But age is significant when a man is old enough to be the young woman's father twice!  These people who love to talk about how age is nothing but a number haven't experienced many relationship differences, but for those who have and see the truth for what it is: He's really too old and she's really too young!  So what makes this so?

1.  Very little in common spiritually, mentally and physically.  Frequent disputes, immaturity and/or substance, emotional or physical abuse.
2.  Too little or too much money and an unwillingness to help with basic needs.
3.  Worries over things like: gold-digging, family woes with the partner, and jealousy.
4.  Employment and education focus -- too many long hours, not enough time spent together.
5.  Health concerns that affect sex.
6.  Unresolved issues with finances, former partner(s), business etc.

Whether you are the lucky older guy or gal who has landed a great companion or the one struggling in a May December relationship, there are some things to think about when dating older.  This blog has many topics that range from age gap dating to dealing with mid-life challenges.

Media reports have shared studies where couples had a hard time staying together when the age gap in a relationship is very wide.  The older guy isn't getting any younger and the young woman will not always stay young.  So as the pair matures, needs change.  What was good five or 10 years ago, isn't anymore.  The internal issues of wanting more out of life rather than settling will be there for the young woman who feels the older gentleman didn't make good on his promises or isn't what she had in mind for a partner.  The mature man will have his issues with mental and physical compatibility now that he is getting older.  These are the facts and as much as some would like to blame everything but age, it is what it is.  

Nicholl McGuire shares spiritual insight on YouTube channel: nmenterprise7.

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