No Acting Older Than You Are, Young Women are Watching

Older men, who feel the innate need to feel young again, have this personal issue that a young woman could care less about.  As far as she is concerned she just wants to know that you are mentally, physically and financially stable.  The last thing she wants to hear about is how forgetful you are getting, how you have an ache here or there, how broke you are, what you don't know, and how you can't get there from here.  These are not the kind of things you want to share with a new date!

Older men that often complain about all sorts of things like bills, exes, adult sons and daughters, and long lines at the store are such a bore!  Why bother dating young women?  Some older men should simply stick to their own age group.  These same grumbling men will drop hints about their lack (whether true or not) as well as have other ups and downs that exes already know about and young women will soon discover.  The troubled older man would do better talking to their own age group about personal challenges or better yet, seeing a doctor.

Think about this, would any man want to hear a woman nag, cry or moan often about her woman problems?  So why would an older man assume a young woman would want to hear about his mid-life woes?  Now there are some women who have a heart for male mid-life issues, but others not so much especially those who have been on the fence about dating older men.  You can easily turn young women off if you act older than what you are.

There is a fight to stay young if an older man should want to brave dating women with a significant age gap. A man has to have some degree of youth to keep the young woman liking, loving and respecting him. He doesn't have to act like a 20 plus year old, but he should exude the kind of confidence that says, "I enjoy life, having fun, and appreciate my companion."

Older men, who can't keep young women around, are the type who tend not to be happy with themselves much less anyone else.  These men have no real desire to stay fit, live unsatisfactory lifestyles, and can't see beyond their personal challenges.  It isn't any wonder why some will change partners like they do their undergarments--young women grow weary of grumblers.

It is safe to say that a young woman who sincerely wants a good relationship will stick it out with a man who doesn't make her feel miserable by frequently complaining and acting older than who he is. The last thing a young woman wants is to feel like her youth is quickly passing by because she is with an unhappy older man.

Nicholl McGuire

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