When Some Older Men are Tired and Lazy

Some mature men are very energetic, pleasant to be around and enjoy having fun with younger people.  These men will admit that young people make them feel alive.  However, there are those older men who avoid young people like a plague.  They aren't very much interested in dating women with young children, don't bother to take much time up with their own sons and daughters and younger relatives.  They enjoy time alone watching favorite sports on television without feeling obligated to entertain anyone but themselves.

Sometimes the older man, who doesn't have much of a life, believes that by connecting with a young woman things will get better--become more interesting, but this isn't always the case.  For some men, they regret their decisions choosing younger women to date.  They come to the realization that having an imagined fun life, really ends up being more work than anticipated and costs much money.  An older man, who is often tired, lazy and hoards his money, doesn't make for a good partner.  Both mature and younger women actually regret landing these types.

Being overweight and having low-T has a lot to do with why some men are not as energetic as they once were.  Unfortunately, some lost wives due to being fat--imagine having someone much larger than you attempting to make love to you or smelling an out of control body odor?  It isn't any wonder that some divorce.  Then throw in a mood disorder and boredom, an older man with these issues aren't going to win and keep friends for long.  These men are typically uninterested in life beyond the television screen and music. 

When a man is miserable and doesn't like himself much, he will lash out at anyone who points the finger at his weaknesses.  Rather than deal with the problems that are creating more problems, he will cast blame, act as if he has done nothing wrong in a previous relationship, and go about his routines oblivious to those around him.

If a young woman happens to be involved with a man she deems old, tired and lazy, it would be best to distance herself from the troubled man when he refuses to address issues.  Of course, we all are getting older, but some age pretty well and are a joy to be around, while others are often angry and want nothing more than a comfy chair, a cool beverage, and a huge television screen.

Nicholl McGuire 

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