7 Inexpensive Gift Ideas for the Older Man

A young woman just can't go wrong if she knows her older man's taste, but if he isn't one for being specific about his preferences, here are some gift ideas that are useful and will make him smile!

1.  Wrinkle-free dress shirts.  A professional man with a tight schedule doesn't like ironing or at times dropping off or picking up clothing from the cleaners.  The young woman might purchase quality shirts in navy blue, gray or white for her mature man. To play it safe, avoid bright colors and bold prints.

2.  Cologne is a good idea when you have some idea what he already has.  If he enjoys subtle colognes like a musk or others that you can smell before he hits the door, you might want to do your research and let him smell some cologne samples before you buy one.  However, if he is an allergy sufferer, pass on this gift idea, and instead get some useful hair and body items that are fragrance free and are designed for sensitive skin.

3.  Ties along with a nice set of cuff links are a great gift if he is often in the public or travels to formal events.  If you go along with this idea, be sure you have checked out what he already has to get some idea of his taste.  Don't take a chance wasting your money on something silly just because you like it.  He most likely will laugh about it, but he won't wear it.

4.  Avoid jewelry unless you have been with the gentleman for a long time and know his taste well.  Although a major purchase might flatter him, you don't want to go broke in the hopes of a serious commitment and nothing comes of it.  Expensive gift items have a way of conveying exclusivity.  You also don't want to be disappointed during your gift exchange only to find out the item he bought for you was inexpensive and meaningless.  Instead of jewelry, get him something that helps him organize what he already has.  So if he has many necklaces, rings, or cufflinks, seek out a nice-looking organizer.

5.  Printed media is always a great gift for someone who loves to read, but not so much for the man who enjoys watching television or movies online.  So be sure the media you choose goes along with his preference.

6.  Collectible items are great gifts if you know what he enjoys collecting.  If he has a favorite team, you might want to get something within reason to add to his office d├ęcor or his "man cave."

7.  Spiritual men love anything that reaffirms their faith, makes them feel good, and is helpful to their godly assignments.  So if you know how to pray, ask God to lead you to something that is worthwhile.  Beautiful plaques, cups, framed pictures, key chains, book covers, book marks, and other Christian items make for great gifts.

Other items you might want to look out for on sale include: sweatshirts, belts, socks, underwear, hats with favorite teams/logos, and useful electronics under $100.

Nicholl McGuire also shares spiritual insight on YouTube channel: nmenterprise7 as well as links to other useful sites.  See here.

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