Is Your Family Wrong for Disapproving of Your May-December Relationship?

Let's give your family the benefit of the doubt for a moment whether they said some very ugly things about your older or younger partner or acted strangely when you two came around, what would make them feel the way that they do?

1.  Think about the negative things you might have said in the past about your older or younger partner.  Did you say the kind of things that feed into stereotypes?  Maybe you or your mate complained about not having enough money, who do you think they will blame for your lack?  Maybe you mentioned something negative about older men or younger women, so why would you continue to date this person?

2.  Do you have a pattern of dating older or younger people and things not working out?  Why would your family want to connect with yet another one of your fly by night romances?

3.  If you have a child or children by someone else, and that person is still in contact with your family and friends, could that person (or someone else) be causing unnecessary strife behind your back?

4.  Be honest, what is this relationship really about?  How soon did you meet this person after you broke up with your previous partner?  Did you want children?  Were you having some kind of life change going on at the time i.e.) mid-life issues, bored with routine, bad breakup/divorce/separation, curious about dating young or older?

5.  You are conveying a negative attitude with your family and friends that you are unhappy with your selection.  Rather than talking with your partner about relationship ills, you are sharing information that is making your family not want to take your relationship seriously.

Consider these points and other thoughts that come to mind about your relationship.  Sometimes family members and friends can see things that we can't see in people.  They may recognize some behaviors they may have done to others in the past and don't want you to fall victim.  Other times, it is just a matter of personal opinion.  There are those people who just don't like looking at the age difference.  A gentleman that looks like a young woman's dad or uncle is just not a nice picture for some and they may even go so far as to avoid photographing the two of you together, so just be prepared for the snub this holiday season by a few.

Nicholl McGuire

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