When the Old Man is Tired of the Young Woman

Some women just make older men more tired than they already are.  These men have to contend with their own share of internal issues, but then along comes a younger woman who has a long list of fun things to do, volumes of conversation, a large network of family and friends, and plenty happening in her life.  The older man is not ready for this, yet he convinces himself that he is.  The young lady is excited about the future and glad to be dating someone older that is until...

You might be that guy who is with someone like the young woman described.  But as each day passes by, you are so over the mid-life crisis thing and can bravely admit, "I'm tired.  I just want to relax after work.  Sit on the couch on weekends and enjoy the television."  Absolutely nothing wrong with that if you prefer to be alone or with someone closer to your age who enjoys the same thing.  But if you are going to date younger, you will need to stop hoping the young woman will conform; rather, let her go.

Now saying good-bye to a beauty with a lot of energy is no easy feat, but if you want to live a little while longer without the additional stress of trying to keep up with her say, "Adios!"  Far too many mature men date younger women and make both parties feel miserable, because they want to control the younger woman.  When she wants to fly, the older guy wants to put her back in her cocoon.  When she plans to relocate, get educated, try something new, or break up with him, the mature man figures out a way to lure her back to him.  If she asks for his support, the older, insecure type worries that his money or time will be in vain and that off she will go with someone younger.  This can all be so mentally and physically draining!  In time, the old man is seated on the couch tired of putting up a fight, yet he doesn't want his young partner to leave either.  Go figure!?

So if you are that mature man who has reached a point where you just don't see it benefiting anymore to date younger, but you still want to keep that pretty young thing around, do yourself and her a favor, (since you are supposed to be the wiser of the two) let her be free!

Nicholl McGuire

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