Charmed into Dating Still Married, Older Guys

They can be incredibly nice, sophisticated, handsome seniors who know how to talk the talk and walk the walk.  It doesn't matter to these guys that they are in troubled marriages, married living separately, getting a divorce or the divorce is still pending, or even happily married, these older Don Juan types know how to talk a young woman's panties off while leaving her wanting for more!

But what about the fact he is married?  And what about all the drama that comes with being involved with married men or is there any?  Some older guys will keep the drama away while they play.  They will tell the wife they are just doing things like:  visiting friends, working late, working out, hanging out with friends, or spending time at a favorite place, but the reality is these married men are seeking either something new in the meantime or a replacement. 

The young woman, who just might be in a miserable relationship of her own, doesn't care much that the older man, who has a way with words, is married, but then again the thought just might cross her mind that to date him is wrong.  Yet, the way the man makes her feel means more than what's right or wrong particularly if she hasn't felt alive with a partner in years!  The broken woman, who is in the process of or has divorced her husband doesn't contemplate too much about the married man's status either especially if he is generous with his money.  Then there are those young women, who like the Don Juan, may have a complicated personal life, but they too would like to play while keeping the drama of current or old boyfriends away.  The charmer studies the one he has charmed to see how strong she is morally before planting seeds of getting together one day.

For some of these married men, who enjoy talking to and sexing young women, they aren't much on thinking too deeply about the future.  They don't bother to think about the many problems that come with being a cheat.  Families are often left destroyed, young women can and will get pregnant eventually, wives might want to reconcile, children misbehave as a result of tension at home, and so on.  Meanwhile, the pretty young woman sits back and listens to the words of someone who just might be her worst nightmare.

If you are being pursued by an unavailable man, play out his personal life in your head based on what he has told you as well as what you can see with your own two eyes before risking possibly your life or his. Some wives just don't take marital vows lightly and may not exhibit self-control if they should find out their husbands are cheating.  Once you know that dating a married man isn't for you, start distancing yourself from him.

Nicholl McGuire

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